About An Oasis

An Oasis is a weblog, that is a chronlogically ordered collection of posts, maintained by me (Paul). It is focused on Law School, UK & International Politics, Assorted Entertainment, Edinburgh, Scotland and Tech Stuff, though these are loose categorisations and pretty much anything which I find curious, insightful, amusing or annoying is likely to feature. Physically it runs using 8 movable type blogs, one for each subject area, one which acts as the homepage aggregator kind of thing and a further as the 'link blog'. The link blog supplies the homepage entries enclosed between the dotted lines, quick links for which I have not a lot to say. There is also a gallery on here where photos sometimes end up. This incarnation of 'an oasis' began in early 2004 and consolidates previous efforts going back over the years. It is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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