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It's a little after midnight and the install is complete. My flatmate is away for the night but I've got BBC News around the clock coverage of the Iraq war for company. And now my blog. I've got smokes but no coffee and I'm running out of words. What am I going to post? Why am I even blogging?

I thought about starting a blog because no-one I know will argue with me, then I downloaded the software and the installation became the challenge. Now that's out of the way the new challenge is justifying it (or accepting that I don't need to justify it). So many challenges, this is fun already. Jason of highlights why Orwell wrote - I think it's about ordering my thoughts and enhancing my viewpoint through a wider debate. It's also about forcing myself to keep An Oasis up to date so I can look back and see how naive I was. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers might keep me on the right lines.

For now though I'm gonna post this and (assuming I don't have to spend another hour on file permissions) grab a cup of tea, have a smoke and see what's on TV.

I hope Salam Pax is okay, he hasn't posted for 5 or 6 days... UPDATE: Just found out that the Iraqi state Internet company got visited by a Tomahawk or two.

Posted by Paul at March 31, 2003 12:43 AM |
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