Inverted Voyeurism


Excellent piece in The Guardian, Britain - how the world sees us: part 1, in which they have comments on the UK from people in various countries. Like watching CNN or Al Jazeera this inverted voyeurism is fascinating and revealing.

Some Highlights and Lowlights:

"when a foreigner flags me I will take them into the cab and then ask them where they are from. If they say Britain or the United States I pull to the side and ask them to leave the car."

"I think the weather's got a lot to do with the character: it's quite gloomy so you don't have that sunshiny personality."

"Tony Blair? He's Bush's lapdog now, isn't he? That's not a French view. I read that in the Guardian."

"For me the UK means a country that wants to protect the people. Take this war in Iraq, for example. I compare it to our war here in Kosovo."

My Favourite: "I like the way the state has a queen and how everyone follows orders from Buckingham Palace."

"politics will pass and the music will remain"

"The British may appear cold and diplomatic, but they are very organised, unlike we Latins, who are chaotic."

"Tony Blair. I don't agree with the war in Iraq. For the rest, I don't like the Beatles, and I don't believe in monarchies."

"the English are arse-licking, but it seems more personal. More about Blair and Bush."

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