Reverse Boycott


Dejafoo proposes a reverse boycott, "Show our support for England and Tony Blair by buying their Beer!!!"

For what it's worth I think the forward boycott against french products is stupid but the beer proposed for purchase is Newcastle Brown Ale which is of course named after a city in England but it is owned by Scottish & Newcastle whose head office is in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now of course I'm being pedantic but England is not Scotland and Scotland is not England although we are both a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK) of which Tony Blair is the Prime Minister.

I of course heartily endorse this support of England by buying Scottish products and can further recommend that those wishing to reverse boycott the UK (as our armed forces are the UK's) should purchase in copious quantities either Newcastle Brown, some fine malt whisky or our other national drink, Irn-Bru. Even if you don't like whisky buy some anyway and keep it to impress people with!

Update! - England has been replaced with Britain!

Posted by Paul at April 23, 2003 04:58 AM |
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