Scotsman calls Labour Victory


The Scotsman says Labour on road back to power concurring with most commentators who anticipate Labour being the largest party represented and a likelihood of a Labour / Liberal Democrat coalition forming the Executive.

The day is yet young though, voting stops at 10pm, and we may see some surprises. Many predict 3 or 4 Green MSP's and up to 9 Socialists - not a bad thing for Scottish Politics if it engenders some good debate on politics proper rather than tinkering around the edges as all 4 "Main" parties (Labour, SNP, LibDems, Conservatives) are content with.

Devolution, delivered in 1999, is a ongoing process - we have the institutions now but do the parties fit the bill? We need to restore vision and ambition to Scottish Politics to capitalise on Scotland's real strengths and create a land of justice and opportunity that the Scots as a nation can believe in and be proud of for more reasons than Bagpipes, Shortbread and Heritage.

First results expected around 11.30pm, get your news from Scotsman Election 2003 or BBC Scotland Vote 2003.

Posted by Paul at May 1, 2003 05:48 PM |
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