UK Film News report that the restructured FilmFour, part of Britain's Channel 4 Television, has a full slate of projects on the go although with a budget of only $16Million. The diverse projects include The Lovely Bones (an adaptation of Alice Sebold's novel), El Bulto (a comedic tale of a rock and roll eighties wild boy piecing together his past after a 20 year narcotic induced coma, He Kills Coppers (a thriller adapted from Jake Arnott's book).

Meanwhile the most expensive British movie ever made with a budget of $79.4 Million is, according to the Guardian, to start shooting in December. It is about the persian emperor Cyrus, a shepherd boy who founded an empire that stretched from the Mediterranean to India.

Posted by Paul at May 17, 2003 02:54 AM |
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Hello to whom it may concern, I am looking in Great Britain for a referral of a good british movies archivist or archives with a w.w.w. Address. I do not have knowledge of these. I would like to look up facts and, aspects of interest in these movies now and, then.

Posted by: Steven Steele at July 10, 2003 02:16 PM