The root of all wars

Via The Agonist, a saudi envoy fears another more devastating attack than the triple suicide bombings in Riyadh last week which killed 34 people.

Related, but seperate, we all thought he was a pretty docile old pontiff tiding away his years in the Vatican. Turns out not to be so, at least according to Saudi Arabia's Arab News which puts the blame for "Our September 11" firmly in the hands of, amongst others, the (this bit is important) first non-italian (is it significant that he is Polish?) Pope.

He apparently "collaborated closely with the Reagan administration. This was the beginning of the neo-conservative movement, which has now reached its zenith with the presence of the Israeli gang inside the Bush team: Men like Wolfowitz, Perle and others who have put Israel's interests at the heart of US foreign policy."

Give the man a break, blame him for terrorism if you want but when he's practically on his deathbed allegations that he's responsible for Wolfowitz and Perle could be fatal.

Posted by Paul at May 20, 2003 06:05 AM |
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