Euro-derision and Big Brother 4

If you weren't home watching the Eurovision Song Contest earlier tonight then you missed out. Big time. It was so awful that it's hard to put into words without sounding bitter about the "nil points" awarded to the UK! Terry Wogan, commenting on the highs and lows of the evening, postulated that there was a degree of political voting going on and the UK was suffering from a lack of support for its position on Iraq. That, of course, is utter nonsense. The song, "Cry Baby" by some group called Jemima was unbelievably bad and was sung pathetically. Admitetdly every other entry was atrocious as well - subject your friends, family or colleague to it.

Amongst so many atrocious entries, winning or losing seems irrelevant, taking part itself is condemnation enough.

On a similar vein, Big Brother 4 started on Friday night. Exciting stuff indeed. 2 scots, one from Orkney (Cameron) the other from Glasgow (Federico). For some reason, maybe they were bonding, they have apparently named the chickens (Matilda, Rudy, Doris, Stella, Parsley, Parsnip & Killer). I'm not sure I can be bothered with Big Brother this time, wonder how long it'll take me to be addicted...

Posted by Paul at May 25, 2003 06:39 AM |
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