Draft European Union Constitution

The Draft EU Constitution is published, seemingly with popular support elsewhere in Europe. On the whole I think this represents progress, it is clearly important as we move from a Union of 15 to one of 25 that we take time to think about the role of the Union and to document that. A couple of things strike me; what is the point is creating the job of President of the EU (nominated by the council of ministers and elected by the parliament) if there is no substantial role for that person and what is the remit of a foreign minister with an unagreed foreign policy? In the latter instance, what happens when the events around Iraq arise again? This is interesting, I look forward to reading it!

My feeling is that people here are not against it, many just don't know what the hell it is all about. Perhaps it's more real or more natural to the rest of Europe because they are contiguous, and in the Euro. Wonder if the UK could learn from Alaska...

Posted by Paul at May 27, 2003 06:40 AM |
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