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Via Instapundit, a piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education on Scholars who blog, a list which of course includes the venerable Glenn of Instapundit. It kind of ties in with a BBC piece, "A little less conversation" (via kottke: Social Vaporware) in which the author, Bill Thomson characterises the social software debate as "generally uninteresting, intellectually shallow and largely irrelevant."

The scholarly blogger list is apparently (I haven't checked) predominantly made up of public policy, law, or the social sciences blogs but it would seem reasonable to expect that there will be HCI or psychology scholars who are contributing to the social software debate in a relevant, interesting and intellectual fashion.

I can't remember the last time that I went for a coffee or sat down with a friend for a chat and just when we were discussing Iraq amazingly George Bush, Tony Blair, François Mitterand and Saddam Hussein appeared as if from nowhere to add perspective along with some lessons from history to our conversation. Blogs are a third place, they are fun, they are social - the input of experts is great but do you expect it?

Posted by Paul at June 2, 2003 08:05 PM |
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