Blood Brothers


I saw Blood Brothers on Tuesday Night at the Festival Theatre. Having seen it, and enjoyed it, before in London I had an expectation for what to expect and it just didn't measure up. I think my primary concerns were the Music - it sounded too synthesised - and the Singing which was uninspirational. The lead character, Mrs. Johnston, was played by Denise Nolan who is apparently a Nolan sister. The story itself is good and has be criticised for being simplistic, but the best stories probably are simple. Music, Singing and Story aside though, I felt that the best could have been made of the show by tidying it up - too much was almost right, not enough perfect. *** from me. If I'd had to pay much for it then I would have grudged it, as it was it was fun.

Posted by Paul at June 6, 2003 05:20 PM |
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