Via Naked Writing : When will it end? is news that according to a Times/CNN poll 17 per cent of Americans -- nearly one in five -- believe that "the end of the world will come in their lifetimes, and 59 per cent believe that the prophecies about the end of the world found in the Christian New Testament Book of Revelations are true and will happen, if not in the near future."

Many apparently believe that Tony Blair is the Antichrist - - who will govern the world for seven years during the Time of Tribulation, after which Jesus will appear in glory to rule for 1,000 years before the Last Judgment of God.

God Bless America.

Posted by Paul at June 6, 2003 06:37 PM |
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God save the rest of us.

Posted by: Mike at June 6, 2003 10:53 PM

I'm happy to say I'm not part of that 59% -- if I had to believe in god and choose someone to be the antichrist, I'd say it's George Bush. He is seriously warped.

Posted by: Nicole at June 7, 2003 03:29 AM

Very interesting....

In the Bible, Torah, and Qur'an there have been listed some signs-and it seems some signs have come true..[from what i've read]..but some signs havn't yet come..

Posted by: Tora at June 7, 2003 10:55 AM


The world is looking sad right now. But if we all have faith in the lord Jesus Christ we all will rise and we all we be in the site of God...
We could be in the last days like the Bible and all the old prophet and even the New prophet of this time... This is the church of Jesus Christ,, This is the church that has all the key of God...
But back to the days.
My uncle Josph Smith seen the ned of the world.. He seen the father and the son... Jesus told him what to watch out for and showed him everthing.. What Josph Smith seen what Jesus have showed him is happen right now In the world,, Like Dan in the Bible said,,, There will be a great beast that will rise out the sea... He was talking about the USA of amercia... The Land of amercia is the promist land of the word,, This is where Jesus will rule from when he come back and be with the brothers and sisters of the earth for a 1,000 years....
And the Bible said and even the book of mormon said there will be wars after wars after wars in that day.. Witrh Iraq that was for the oil,, The USA has plans to goto other oil country back there to take over the oil for there selfs... The USA have plans to goto Iran know with Russia to say that Iran have Nuke and they do,,, But they also want to goto North korea.. When they go again North Korea and this is when world war three will start... I Amercia and I am happy to be amercia,, But to tell you the truth where the Anichrist will come from is Romo,,, The roman catholic church will be where the false prophet will come from and the Antichrist will come from the old Roman empire or his family will come from there... It could be Tony Blair,,, But it Not Bush,, Bush is a good man and he know whats he is doing... But to tell you the truth it could be the U,N, leader Hanna... The Bible speek of the antichrist where people will not know who he is intell the end of 3 1/2 year in the 7 year,,, After 3 1/2 years there will be the great war... Could it be Blair I ask,,, Or could it be Hanna from the UN,,, If people prays to God our father and ask him.. And read the Bible and the book of mormon and as God for a answer to the truth and God will help you all understand.. It is not meant for us to know who the antichrist is yet,, But what is,, Have faith in God and the Lord and put your mind to them and praay and look to help others to get ready for that day.. We all will make it and see our lord Jesus christ come from the Cloud in that day... I love all of you brothers and sisters here and be Happy and have Joy in your hearts and soul and find peace,,, If we all pray for a happy life it will come when Jesus christ comes back... Who live the Commandment of God and all the laws,, They will have happyness from God and will be saved.. But remeber that we all have forgivness and we can ask the lord Jesus christ for forgivness and we all can be clean again and be with him,,, read this site and find the truth of God and the lord Jesus christ and find happyness in your lifes..

Posted by: James at September 30, 2003 09:57 PM

i think its a bit short sighted to say that any one idea is right or wrong, along with the fact that doing so causes war:)

all i know is that i know nothing 8-)

Posted by: dave at January 4, 2004 03:38 PM