Same Sex 'Marriage'

"God's authentic plan" for the family, according to the Pope in his Sunday sermon, was founded on "the stable and faithful union of a man and a woman, bound to each other with a bond that is publicly manifested and recognized." Which makes it amusing timing for the UK Government to announce a bill which will give same sex couple the opportunity to register their civil partnership and thus receive property and other rights usually accorded in a marriage. Green Party MSP, Patrick Harvie, launched a similar equal rights bill in the Scottish Parliament last month.

What the hell does it matter to the Government if you are married or not? Marriage is surely a religious thing and as such of no great concern to the state. If you want to get 'married' then fine, but you should also then register your partnership in a simple and straightforward manner with the government in order that you can be recognised as posessing particular legal rights as your partner's 'registered partner'.

Groucho Marx's said, "I'd never join a club which would have me as a member." Surely it is equally unappealing to seek to join a club which will not have you as a member. If your church won't marry you then take them to court, fight it or forget it and find one that will. This however is a religious, spiritual or social thing, it ought not to be recognised by the state for any purpose.

Posted by Paul at June 10, 2003 03:26 AM |
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