Where Have All our Shekels Gone?

Where Have All our Shekels Gone? is an article from July last year on Gush-Shalom's Web site which talks about the cost of occupation, continued settlement building and the military to Israel's economy.

"The real cost of the settlements to our economy are prohibitive, although incalculable. Just with the numbers provided above one could extrapolate that they have cost us billions in lost opportunities and in misdirected expenditures. This does not even begin to approach the costs of anguish and grief and fear that have accumulated over the years of on-going conflict. The most horrendous thought of all is not only that our leadership has no way out of this accelerating descent into third world (or worse) status, it actively encourages it. Why else would it continue to speak of peace and provoke war, promise security and encourage violence, pay for a fence and continue to build outside it?"
Posted by Paul at June 27, 2003 05:57 AM |
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