An Explanation

Hey kids,

Been away for the past week or so, I forgot my blog password and couldn't really be bothered to spend time finding it out. So I didnt post for a bit, sorry 'bout that. Did u miss me? I had nothing much to say anyway, I went to my hometown and hung out with good friends, got drunk, went to the beach, got a suntan and watched Wimbledon.

Wimbledon was exciting for a bit there wasn't it. Go Poppalopalous (or whatever). Henman was outclassed and I think it is a bit silly how every Briton seems to think he has a hope in hell of ever winning, or is it just wishful thinking?

Oh I played golf 3 times too, twice well, once very badly (at least to begin with). T'was fun tho. I read "Golf in the Kingdom" which I gave to my brother and it inspired my golf. I also read Malcolm X's autobiography which was pretty interesting, especially as I was more or less totally ignorant of him when I picked the book up.

Posted by Paul at July 4, 2003 11:51 PM |
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