Mugabe to step down?

Robert Mugabe, leader of Zanu PF - Zimbabwe's ruling party, has apparently been induced to step down (from Zanu PF, effectively becoming a figurehead) by GWB through South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki reports The Independent.

Bush has promised $10bn in US Aid for Zimbabwe on the replacement of Mugabe, preferably by a properly elected successor. Whether that will happen or whether someone equally bad will take over remains to be seen.

Zimbabwe deserves a democratically held election, held under conditions which are non-intimidatory, which returns a leader fit to govern, committed to the people of Zimbabwe (majority and minority). Only such a leader will be able to begin to tackle the problems caused in large part by colonialism and compounded latterly by fear and hatred. Zimbabwe needs powerful friends and if the Independent report is true then the US seems willing to be just that.

Posted by Paul at July 15, 2003 11:41 PM |
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