Cuban Dissidents

Dissidents feel full force of Castro's wrath is the first of a three-part series shows why many Cubans feel they will have to wait for the 'biological solution'.

"In a flat on the potholed 25th street of Havana's Vedado district, a group of women perch on plastic sofas discussing the solitary confinement cells of Cuba's prisons and the 14 hours a year visiting time they get with their recently jailed dissident husbands.

The questions from the women - all wives of men arrested and jailed in what Amnesty International has denounced as the biggest crackdown against dissidence since the early years of Fidel Castro's revolution - fly backwards and forwards."

Following the reprisals against cuban dissidents earlier this year, this story looks at some ordinary cubans like those involved in the Varela Project who want change.

Amnesty International - Cuba
Human Rights Watch - Cuba

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