Tony Blair 2004!

Via Samizdata and further to earlier speculation that Tony was seeking the EU Presidency, I'm amused to see the Blair 2004 Campaign. It muses:

"In the world of political parody and symbolism, citizenship is not an issue. To the cynics and cranks who brandish their dog-eared copies of the Constitution, we offer a collective raspberry"

One of the comments on Samizdata offers a more constructive plan to get round the citizenship problem,
If we outright annex the UK, would the constitutional issues disappear?

I bet that if you asked whoever built this funny Web site what Tony's thoughts were on say, capital punishment or tax or education or health then they wouldn't have a clue. Aah, blind faith and all because he enunciates his words.

There are 608 signatures on the petition. Do the right thing...

Posted by Paul at July 22, 2003 09:37 PM |
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