Scottish Town Plans

Via ResearchBuzz, the National Library of Scotland has made available, "Over 1,900 sheets covering 62 towns - the most detailed maps ever surveyed by Ordnance Survey" - National Library of Scotland Scottish Towns.

This is a pretty supercool thing for curious minds, e.g. I just discovered (see the images on the right) that Charlotte Square in Edinburgh used to have a ying / yang thing going on.

Tara says,

"You can view the maps with a regular browser, but it's far easier to use the MrSid plugin (with which you might be familiar if you've ever used and Internet Explorer. Using the plugin you'll be able to quickly pan around each map quadrant and zoom in very close to the surveys as long as you don't mind waiting a few moments for the page to reload. The maps are easily-readable and fun to explore; I just wish the windows that displayed the maps were a bit larger."

Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1849-53

Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1876-77

Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1893-94

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