Marc Salem Out of His Mind

This evening I went to see Marc Salem's out of his Mind at the Assembly Rooms. He prefers to be known as a mentalist, and he kind of is. A cross between a talk show and a mind reading audience participation weird fest, this was a fun show to be at. Some of the results he obtained - stopping watches, reading a serial number of a banknote with his eyes disabled, naming items belonging to audeince members without seeing them or feeling them (a deck of cards, a phone, a newer phone, a key etc.) - were pretty amazing and left you wondering what you'd missed. I thought it was a bit slow to start with, gathering pace as it went on and was possibly unworthy of the 4* review which the Evening News gave it, but it was good fun entertainment and was worth seeing. I suppose that due to the changing nightly special guests, the show will vary a bit during the run. I'd give it a 3 and a half, but then I haven't seen much else so far. Maybe the standard of other stuff is devaluing the stars!

Cost about a tenner and lasted an hour. I went with my brother and he reckoned it was good but not as good as my friend Lewis!

Posted by Paul at August 14, 2003 02:56 AM |
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