David Blaine London Cage Stunt

Via Gawker is the NYT story that the increasingly crazy, and quickly becoming boring, David Blaine (famous for his street magic) is simply A Magician Seeking Simplicity in a Cage. Nutter.

The Channel 4 David Blaine microsite says,

"And for his next trick? His latest challenge will see him endure starvation in solitary confinement suspended from a crane by the River Thames in a glass box.

The master magician aims to remain for an incredible 44 days in this box, which is just seven feet deep, seven feet long and three feet wide.

He will have no food, no communication and no distractions of any kind. He will have to exist with a tube feeding him water and a waste tube to urinate."

These stunts; a week in a coffin, the block of ice, the 80 foot pillar and now 44 days in a box. I'm not clear just how impressive all this is supposed to be, but I'm thinking not very. I just don't see the point. He, however, does.

"'I believe it is completely possible to exist peacefully with absolutely nothing, as it was in the beginning and as it will be in the end,' he said. 'It will be a public isolation that I will have to endure by adapting and surviving as an animal would. On instinct.'"

Whatever. Maybe the next stunt should involve Magic Mr. Blaine being incarcerated for longer away from TV cameras. Like forever?

Posted by Paul at August 20, 2003 04:34 AM |
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David Blaine is the don. so Paul who posted his playa hater views August 20, 2003 04:34 Peace!

Posted by: steven bingham at August 31, 2003 09:27 PM

david blaine is cool but maybee he takes things too far ,i mean i would deffinately not sacrifice my life to prove that these kinda stunts are possible.Dont get me wrong i think david blaine is AMAZING and a really great magition but what is he exactly trying to prove...?

Posted by: rosi at September 4, 2003 06:45 PM

David Blaine is so different- give him credit. He sees things differently to the majority, but different isn't bad. He's got determination and has inspired many.

Posted by: Jazz at September 4, 2003 06:53 PM

I think his acts fo magic are increadible he has an unbeliveble ability which i toatlly admire, but i feel he is pushing his stunts a bit to far! sooner or later he will go over the edge and we are going to have lost one of the most talented magicians that have ever lived!

Good luck David

Posted by: Rich "Charlie" Hays at September 5, 2003 11:16 AM

I Love David Blaine I think that he is wicked xx Yeah man you go do your thing xx

Posted by: Natalie King coool Babe at September 5, 2003 04:26 PM

What is he trying to prove? There is no illusion, it is a test of endurance. Can't wait to see him change his nappy, will he also be needing a dummy?

Posted by: Tasty As Ever at September 5, 2003 04:58 PM

hey all you David Blaine haters. Talk to the hand cause david aint listening!!! so you aint gonna do what he is doing. don't dog the main man dudes.
All you need is love there aint no time to hate!

Posted by: lynn langley at September 5, 2003 05:05 PM

Yo dudes I am The David Blaine Lover. I am thinking of setting up a fan club for all you dudes who ever you are Love and Peace to you all.

Posted by: Natalie King David Blaine Lover at September 5, 2003 05:08 PM

shaszm- there it is rigt there.

Posted by: at September 5, 2003 05:25 PM

David Blaine is incredible, and through his next trick he is trying to remind the world of what all the spiritual sages in India 2000 years ago were acheieving. And I think that is something very special to find in human beings these days. So, why is everybody freaking out? He's right, anybody could do the same thing if they really wanted to. But, he's the only one strong enough to show the rest of the world that its possible. Good Luck David.

Posted by: S.B. at September 5, 2003 05:32 PM


Posted by: matt at September 5, 2003 10:48 PM

david blain is a legand, i dont think any of you people out there would do the same as him, he is the only person brave enough to risk his life and proove to the world that these stunts really are possible, maybe all you blaine haters should think about that, the only time anybody can dis david is when they are brave enough to go out there and do somthing bigger and better then him!

Posted by: baby doll at September 5, 2003 11:11 PM

he's brave yet really stupid for attempting it but i hope u sucseed well done xx

Posted by: manda at September 5, 2003 11:18 PM

You're totally insane David!! Totally insane rules!!

Posted by: mark at September 5, 2003 11:19 PM

hello all,
do you know where i can find a webcam on david blaine ? many thanks

Posted by: gerard at September 6, 2003 05:36 PM

yo yo yo.. i know persoanlly know that david B is pulling a fast 1 ... cant u not c the trick??? 4 more info go 2 www.blainebusted.com

Posted by: Infoman at September 7, 2003 12:11 AM

Yor'all missing the point. DB is a showman. It doesn't matter whether it's an illusion or not it's got us all talking and thinking. I guess he's making a lot of money out of it but if he inspires just 10% of us to try something we'd not otherwise have done surely that's gotta be a good thing.
Shaman or Charlatan doesn't matter - he's got us talking

Posted by: Tenebrion at September 7, 2003 02:37 AM

good luck

Posted by: karen at September 7, 2003 11:27 AM

i dont understand why anybody would do this? good luck to the guy, its crazy though. i recon he wont even be in the box personaly, its just another publcity stunt.

Posted by: unknown at September 7, 2003 02:52 PM

He's just so tedious and balls achingly dull.

Posted by: at September 8, 2003 05:55 PM

sup bres
david blaine is a fake
he is getting glucose fed to him through his water tube u idiots

Posted by: vish at September 8, 2003 09:57 PM

how will david pooh then??? we're a bit concerned here, retention of bodily solids is not healthy keepin it gangster S.J.C

Posted by: shelley and laura at September 9, 2003 02:46 PM

Errr.... well yes a test of endurance yes but however not a particulaly impressive feat in my eyes. People just watch, myself included, through a morbid curiosity of this strange gimpish man and his odd behaviour. A bit like people used to, (and probably some still would) watch a public execution. Maybe I'm being cynical but he seems to be self-obsessed with his own personal image and self promotion and because he wraps it up within this gimpish guise of a spiritual magician people fall for it, rather than the acts speaking for themselves. I mean people do more impressive feats throughout the year (e.g. sailing the globe single handed) but they don't go blabbing about their greatness. It's this fact which makes me really rather actually dislinke the man that David Blaine is. That one where he jumped into the boxes, I mean what was that all about? Any stunt man in Hollywood worth his dollar does similar things daily, and as for standing on the thing for 24hours or whatever, well competitors on ITV Survivor did exactly the same thing on a horizontal log a few inches wide. I have to confess the new 44days in abox one is the most crazy yet but what when he acheives it (hoping his Kidneys and liver don't fail before the 44days is up + he's probably being fed additives in the water)...??? Errr, well he'll probably be in hospital for a few weeks and it'll be like erm... nice one dave..... errrr... great acheivement. In my book a greater feet of endurance and test of ability would be if he climbed Mt. Everest or trekked across the North Pole or something (and MORE dangerous), I know it would make for far more interisting viewing!

Posted by: alex coulter at September 9, 2003 05:14 PM

David Blaine thinks he is jesus

Thats all i have to say on the matter :)

Posted by: Ken Ingham at September 9, 2003 10:11 PM

I'm just curious to know what Alex Coulter himself has personally achieved. You don't condemn another person so horribly when you yourself can not measure up.

Posted by: Dora at September 10, 2003 05:40 PM

all you lot who are adiment on slating blaine for being the best are just total losers! any1 who has spoken ill of blaine on this site is a total To**er. I dont see any of you lot doing these incredibly daring stunts, Blaine is the only one who has the balls to do it ! Enough said !

Posted by: jaffa at September 10, 2003 10:24 PM

blaine is the man........RESPECT. He does what he does for himself, nobody else!

Posted by: tim at September 10, 2003 10:27 PM

Get in touch dave i got a better idea for you.

Posted by: tony o'Neill at September 10, 2003 10:54 PM

Well Dora ha, that is bull****, of course you can criticise someone without having their public status. If what your saying was the case it would be like saying you can't criticise Bush for being an ignorant pratt on the basis that well.... errr.... non of us have been elected president before. And then the concept that I cannot voice my opinion on the basis that I "don't measure up".... well no not in the sense that I do odd stunts like starve myself for 44 days, no, but then in other ways he probably hasn't acheived some of the things I have (not going to list like a to**er. I mean fair enough each to their own and all but I think he should stick to his magic which is impressive rather than simply quirky like his recent publicity stunts. I've noticed a huge girth in perceptions of Blaine between people in the USA and the UK (where I'm from), he's been pelted with fish and chips and eggs in his box in London, the British clearly have can't help but have a stab at the ridiculous check this article in the Guardian for what I mean http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0,3604,1039562,00.html

and as for you jaffa, would you like to expand on your conceived perception of "best"?

Posted by: Alex C at September 11, 2003 11:16 AM

Tim, you could not be further for the truth yet hitting the nail on the head. Yes of course he's doing it for himself, he's hardly doing it for the malnourished people of the developing world, he's completely like above mentioned doing it for himself & the $5 million and publicity!. However in another sense he's not, do you think he would do it if there were no cameras around???? I think not and his idea of isolation is fast becoming fasicle as can be seen if you walk along the stretch of the Thames where he is! Public isolation... what? the guy is surrounded by stimulus as well as hundreds of cameras. Alex above outlined the case well and the article in the Guardian is an excellent read, whether you love or hate him, so check it out.

Posted by: Guy at September 11, 2003 01:32 PM

David Blaine does what he does for himself? HAHAHAHA. So why do it in front of thousands, no MILLIONS of people.
Everyone knows its publicity stunt. The tricks he used to do in the street were all old school.

Posted by: Ben at September 11, 2003 04:15 PM

Why have a stab at the British? Just because they consider someone sitting in a box for 44 days without food in mid air for no reason is stupid?
I mean it is, isn't it? It IS.

Posted by: Ben at September 11, 2003 04:29 PM

No Ben, You have the wrong end of the stick mate, I am British and what I am saying is basically it makes me proud to be British when I see that our nation is intelligent enough to ridicule him rather than just gasp in amazement at someone doing boring long winded 'stunts' - as the Guardian article illustrates excellently. Because yes as you say, it is ridiculous - akin to watching paint dry.

Posted by: Alex C at September 11, 2003 07:24 PM

Millions watching one man starve, No one watching millions starve.

Posted by: rick at September 11, 2003 10:05 PM

David Blaine is an American magician with black hair. My sister once said she likes him, then said she didn't. It made us laugh for like, ages.

Posted by: Mike Hunt at September 12, 2003 03:38 PM

David Blaine is a self obsessed pseudo magician. His arrogant and often immature methods to market his alleged talents are both boring and repetitive.

Posted by: Robert Weir at September 12, 2003 04:51 PM

wowzers! you guys are all so very bad at spelling and grammer. you need some dictionary magic.

david blaine is a bit rubbish isnt he? i reckon i could stay in a box for longer than him easy. even dead people manage to do it for longer without such hype.

the only thing i like about david blaine is the parody of him on the bo selekta tv show that they show in london england (as well as every other town, village, city in england)

i will throw chips at his box if i see him there by the thames river. his beard makes me laugh alot though and is he going to wear the same clothes for 44 days? thats a much better stunt - crusty pants mmmmmmm

shazammm !

Posted by: craig david blaine at September 12, 2003 05:17 PM

give him a break! its his choice,so let him get on with it.
its not magic its publicity
and all the time you are moaning about what a twat you think he is
he is getting what he wants...free advertising

Posted by: jj at September 12, 2003 08:14 PM

Keep going David....ignore all the idiots outside..Watch you often....I wonder what he does about emptying his bowel. All the best

Posted by: John at September 12, 2003 09:33 PM

Ah, David Blaine, modern days answer to Harry Hudini. The only difference being, Hudini made a career out of escape, where as Blaine is doing the exact opposite, he is deliberately incasing and subjecting himself to voluntary starvation (never mind the millions starving everyday who do not have control over their situation, I don't think the word voluntary has ever passed their lips).Why o why are we watching this guff.

Posted by: Amber Parker at September 12, 2003 09:43 PM

what a brilliant piece of performance art - a parody of all the crass delusions and premature confidence of what Bush describes as 'the civilised world'. Except the parody is probably unitentional

Posted by: mr james at September 13, 2003 01:26 AM

the unique ability of americans (not all) to eradicate any acknowledgement of alternative cultures other than ther own is both frightening and amusing. Simply put " we are all f-o-o-o-k-ed and they'll make sure we are.

Posted by: Robert Weir at September 13, 2003 02:04 AM

I think all you people must be DUMB, if you believe that Blaine is really doing the 44 days in the glass box. I admire good magic, I have been a magician myself, worked world wide with big shows. I can tell you as a magician that Blaine is a fake, it is all a trick, he does a SWITCH, during the day, so if you call that GREAT or intresting, one advice from me is GET A LIFE, because it aint even MAGIC.

Posted by: Johnny at September 13, 2003 02:25 AM

I don't know what Blaine hopes to achieve with this stunt, but I feel ashamed to be British when I see and hear the nameless morons who shout, shine lasers into his eyes, and particulary at night, all the drunks and dregs of London shout and the latest thing to be thrown, a sausage fastened to some kind of sticky which stuck to the window, this seemed to distress Blaine, who shouted down to whatever security outfit who is supposed to be looking after him, 'is no one watching all sides?' I wouldn't blame him if he gave up the stunt in disgust at the treatment he has got thanks to the great british public.

Posted by: Alan Hayes at September 13, 2003 11:49 AM

Hello David, I have to say that Im ubnsure as to why you have decided to starve yourself for 6 weeks and I would have felt more comfortable had you raised money for charity whilst you decided to take up your personal challage. Im not oppossed to what you are doing and I hope that you wont do any long term damage in your quest.

All the best and please reply just to let me know how you stayed vocused in a glass cage all this time.

Was it how you expected it to be and did ytou meditate alot??????
Love and Peace Gini

Posted by: gini lyon at September 13, 2003 09:15 PM

The trick is that this is a very public suicide. Read his book. And remember, you read it here first.....

Posted by: john at September 13, 2003 10:36 PM

Time for the Blaine-backlash backlash, I feel. This is a bold and interesting endeavour, confronting the basics of human existence - the need for food, mental stimulation, human contact etc. The fact that millions of people on the planet are starving involuntarily is sad but irrelevant.

His only real mistake was choosing to do it in Britain, a country full of sad yobs who hate anyone more wealthy, attractive, talented or intelligent than themselves, and whose idea of fun is to set the video to record their own moronic behaviour (come on guys - at least do something mildly inventive, like singing 'Food, glorious food').

And while I'm having as go, why do those who complain about spelling and grammar always spell the word 'grammar' wrongly?

Posted by: jaydee at September 14, 2003 03:21 PM

This is insane, the guy needs help! WHAT IS HE DOING THIS FOR????

Posted by: jayne at September 14, 2003 05:46 PM

could someone please send me info on Davids reasons for doing this its the only info i cant find anywhere & im doing a talk on it at my local youth group next tues.
Many thanks.

Jodie Reid

Posted by: Jodie at September 14, 2003 05:50 PM

Hello people, if you are feeling strongly opposed to Blaine's stunt and perhaps a little angry about the irony of the topic in hand (he starves voluntarily while others strive for food) then check out this web site www.thehungersite.com you can donate food for free by clicking on the appropriate icon. a much better way of spending your time than watching him.
thanks peace out

Posted by: Amber at September 15, 2003 12:50 AM

Sure, Robert, of course there are plenty of Americans who aren't the sharpest knives in the intellectual box (and half of them seem to get elected President), but they don't appear IMHO to have that essential yob-tendency that we have honed to a fine art (British football hooligans - best in the world, mate).

More on-topic : some here have suggested this is all a trick (eg a 'switch'). Please give us some clue as to how he does it.

Posted by: jaydee at September 15, 2003 07:42 AM

That fact that everyone is talking about David Blaine and visiting London to have a look at him in his box kinda draws it's own conclusions. If he is really stupid for doing this then what does that make us, the general public, for showing an interest?

Posted by: Cesilia at September 15, 2003 10:58 AM

Yeah, would any of you who suggest he switch's like to enlighten us 'DUMB' people?

Posted by: Alex Coulter at September 15, 2003 01:38 PM

What a laugh! With a few notable exceptions (Alex C especially) I don't think I've ever read such a load of old bo**ocks as the people who think Blaine is doing something amazing. Curiously (and you can check back the posts if you want) the more amazing a poster thinks this is, the more spelling and grammar errors are included in the post!! As our American friends say - "go figure".

I love the Americans, but Blaine really should sack his advisors, or whoever it was that told him that this stunt would be popular with the Brits, and especially Londoners. He has made the classic error of anyone trying to impress the Brits, and that is he takes himself waaay too seriously. Any American wanting to win over a British audience must remember to laugh at him or herself: from Liberace to Ruby Wax, the Americans that are popular here are the ones that mock themselves first. Blaine wants to be seen as a mystic; the Brits interpret that as being a tosser.

Shame really - his card tricks are excellent.

Posted by: rosski at September 15, 2003 06:06 PM

To quote...
"It will be a public isolation that I will have to endure by adapting and surviving as an animal would. On instinct."

Hmm, haven't really looked, but, those of you who have - have you seen him using his finely honed "animal instincts" in pursuit of this challenge? Any predators threatening him? He's not exactly hunting/stalking/evading prey/predators... How many of you have seen wild animals lock themselves in perspex cages - starving themselves for pride/show?

Credit where credit due - DB is one of the great PR stunt pullers. Blimey, I'd like to be that rich!

For those of you who don't like him (or his stunts) don't worry. Don't watch it, don't pay for it - leave it as a tax on the stupid - rather like the national lottery.

Posted by: DaveT at September 16, 2003 01:56 PM

Get a life, David

Posted by: Mike at September 16, 2003 08:12 PM



Posted by: Robert Weir at September 17, 2003 10:37 AM

David you picked the wrong place to do something like this, the english loves to have a go at people like you,8 million for this stunt and how boring it is !!!!

Posted by: k nick at September 17, 2003 01:03 PM

i think personally that david blaine is the bst magition there posible could be. by proving the stunts hes done in the past. this is an amazing stunt. he will pull it off. i know he will, i dont think every stunts an illtion. he's for real

Posted by: ryan price at September 17, 2003 02:35 PM

On day 45, when David Blaine comes out of his box, he'll get pats on the back, a couple of 'attaboy's' , and there will be about 45 seconds of cheering, and then the world will go on. It won't make the front page of any major newspaper, other than maybe the National Enquirer. There will be no long lasting effect on the world situation, other than the possible continuation of 'egg throwing' across the waters, which would be a shame. He will have accomplished his feat, and will immediately say to himself, "What can I do now to top this and bring attention to myself?" And for what good? Entertainment? Is that it?

Posted by: Magummery at September 17, 2003 03:24 PM

All you haters can get off
cos david blane's magic wand aint soft

he's hardcore, in a box endure lyrically he got my sympathy, can see out but not in you dunno what is like being him, uh yeah .. getting heavy on that s*it.

uh! bustin out freestyle, got magic powers like the green mile, big it up david blane bounce dont break yo neck, now wheres my pay check. tuff

Posted by: Big Jimmy at September 17, 2003 05:11 PM

David Blaine is Evil. We Americans know this. Our advice to you Britt’s is that you never look into its eyes; it (the Blaine beast) will devour your soul. I know this is hard to do as it is encased in plexiglas, but you must not look at it at all. Besides it’s really boring. The lady that sat up in a giant sequoia (redwood tree) in California for a year was by far more interesting of a story. At least her feat of endurance had purpose.

I hear you people are pelting him with eggs. Why stop there?

Posted by: Darin Barry at September 17, 2003 10:25 PM

David Blain has achieved what he set out to do,
Already this web site has proved that.
We all have comments to make opinions to share.
It has already been mentioned, David Blain is an allusionist he has never claimed otherwise.
Modern art gains comments,it prevokes a responce.
Any comment shows people have taken time to think about such things.
His work is simple and effective, who else could do nothing in a busy street and yet gain so much media attention.
The latest report is from a gay section claiming there intention to throw raw sausages at him, why?.
It is ironic that a person who portrays a calm exteria to the public, provokes a violent responce.
Perhaps he is up there just to study animal behaviour.
If his work is so difficult to understand then think about the following questions.

Why do british pop singers put on an american accent when they sing.?

Why did Goods Transport companies, suddenly use the word logistics instead of Haulage or Transport on the side of there lorries.?

Why did the word 'so'and negatives, suddenly disturb english grammer.?

Why when Co emmisions became a major concern, fuel prices went up and the enviroment became the big issues of the decade, did british drivers buy large four Wheel drive vehicles.

Al these things came about with no real explanation.

So don't judge David for what he does, when you can't explain why you do and say the things you do.
Sheep can't say why, they just follow.

Posted by: Kevin Cross at September 18, 2003 05:26 AM

Hi everybody,

If David Blaine is out of that cage and read this message remember this David: IGNORE THOSE STUPID NEGATIVE REACTIONS!!. They are just jealous or something because they can't do what you do!! Your rule!! You make everybody say: Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh? How did you do that???? What??????. David, YOU ROCK!!!!

Posted by: David Blaine Fan!! at September 18, 2003 07:05 AM

Ha, very amusing how one little comment about the girth between british and american attitudes towards Blaine and the Americans seem to have lost their rag! Whilst the message board heads off in a totally different direction to a Blaine discussion. LOL. The most amusing thing is that 80% of the American who have subsequently posted on here only help bolster my opinion and arguments. For an example of this just look at the above posting from 'America' (I know he's not speaking for all Americans as they are not all such c**k proud powermongers). Nevertheless, comments such as "Who are the most powerfull: America" are classic examples of why attitudes need to change amongst some of their citizens (Bush included). Whilst I would certainly take issue with the notion that Americans are the most beautiful (as they are the fattest nation in the earths history!) no one doubts that they are globally the most powerfull nation there has ever been in history (more dominant even than the Romans were) however this point along with their geogrpahical isolation has lead to a terrible insularity which has subsequently resulted in naivety and a lack of appreciation towards other cultures different from their own.
Anyway on the point that I am missing the point as Blaine has created debate and I am am here typing, well one I'm bored at work but more to the point it is due to all the blaine lovers and C4/Sky who are showing interest that I feel I need to make my points in an attempt to balance the scales. Yes I would certainly prefer it if just no one turned a head towards his perspex box.... that would be brilliant.... then he might really do some inner-self searching. However, as this is not the case people definately need to counter the pro publicity, and that is why people are trying to bring him (and his supporters) back down to ground level from his egotistical heights.... be it by posting on message boards such as this, like myself, or others throwing an egg or two up at him in is box. God bless free speech.

Posted by: Alex Coulter at September 18, 2003 12:24 PM

Well said Ru.

Posted by: Alex C at September 18, 2003 03:48 PM

1. I do not understand this stunt at all. As others have pointed out, it seems to involve neither magic nor drawing attention to an important cause (as has been the point of past hunger strikes).
2. However, I'm guessing it doesn't really matter if I don't understand it. Come to think of it, there's a lot of stuff I don't understand.
3. BUT. If all the discussion/attention helps sharpen focus on the actual problem of INvoluntary hunger in the world - despite Mr. Blaine's apparent desire to have all the attention for himself - I say better he do it than not.
3. What if, instead of wasting food by throwing it at this guy, people were to donate the equivalent to a food bank?
4. Or, if the fun of tossing the eggs is just too great, why not do both? ;-)

Posted by: AnotherAmerican at September 18, 2003 05:17 PM


ocassionally a comment with such accuracy is posted your stumped to respond.

RU nail, head and on !

Posted by: Robert Weir at September 18, 2003 07:29 PM

David Blaine is either a performer which narrow minded people don't understand. Or a person who is pushing his own limits of human endurance. Sorry if it isn't as entertaining as the latest gossip about your beloved royals. Or maybe it isn't quit as fun as your crap reality TV or pop music that the British press adores. He's doing it to show you that are throwing stuff at him have less balls than you. You will propably never accomplish his fame or status. Who's going to remember you people throwing food at him when youre life has ceased to exist. You are just going to be another forgotten loser who never accomplished anything other than throwing food like some schoolyard brats throwing food at animals in a cage. Or monkeys in the zoo throwing their own excrement at anything that annoys them.

Posted by: Hector Cardenas at September 18, 2003 07:54 PM

The British have nothing against real talent; look at the welcome and respect throughout the country afforded to great men like Nelson Mandella or Martin Luther King...or to great sportsmen like Pele, Ronaldo, Michael Johnson or Kathy Freeman....what the British do dislike, however, is charlatans who take themselves too seriously.

Londoners are simply following on the centuries-old tradition of using eggs to knock a pillock off his pedestal; you can hardly condemn them for that.

Posted by: Blaine Baracker at September 18, 2003 07:58 PM

ithing david blain

Posted by: aaron at September 18, 2003 09:34 PM

Don't get me wrong I really love some cutting edge artist's from the UK like Peter Gabriel, The Orb,XTC,Aphex Twin,Morrisey,Orbital,,Inspiral Carpets,David Bowie, Meat Beat Manifesto. And yes the Charlatans(nudge, nudge,wink). I think Blaine is trying to live up to the legend of Houidini. Maybe some of his tricks were illusions but Harry Houidini was a master escape artist that proved himself infront of live audience and camera. Sadly, this living up to every challenge eventually cost the great Houidini his life. I think David Blaine is living up to this great magician and showman's legacy. David Blaine is a showman. This stunt is supposed to be a spectacle. His suffering is real and it is there for people to see whether they want to see it or not.

Posted by: Hector Cardenas at September 19, 2003 12:29 AM

What RU said is right on. What most of these Blainiacs don't get is that most Americans despise Blain. Check out the South Park episode "The Super Best Friends", that pretty much sums up public sentiment, at least amongst those whom aren't hopelessly bucolic, pop music loving dweebs.

I most humbly request that you Britts exile Blaine to France, after pelting him with more rocks and garbage.

Posted by: Darin Barry/California at September 19, 2003 04:42 AM

I can't help but notice that the Blain supporters can't spell, use grammar correctly or add anything useful to the debate. This latest act of his is obscene: many people on this planet are dying of hunger - and unlike Blain they have no choice. For others, hunger strike is the only weapon available to them to fight injustice. Trivialising this is grossly insensitive and typically American: "stuff the rest of you: I want my MTV"!

Posted by: Brysy at September 19, 2003 01:10 PM

I think he's a nob, he tries to act all mysterious when he'd probably be better if he cracked a few jokes and just had fun with it, like John Lennahan or Jerry Sadowitz...

Posted by: John at September 19, 2003 01:58 PM

RU - I also agree. You've hit the nail on the head. The thing to remember is that David Blaine is first and foremost a magician/illusionist. No magician is ever going to purposely put himself into REAL danger. The art is in the appearance of danger. I don't care if it is Penn and Teller's bullet trick or Harry Houdini's (the correct spelling, by the way) water escape. There are always safety precautions. Blaine will put on a great show on the 45th day of being weak and needing medical attention, but the truth is still that he was never and will never be in genuine danger. That's not to say what he's doing is easy, just not as impossible as he would like us to believe.
David Blaine is a performer. His street magic is incredible. He knows how to sell himself to the public. He's making loads of money and leading the "American Dream" life. I do not hold him in contempt for succeeding in the way most of wish we could. I just think people should see him for what he is about.......show business. No more or less than anyone on your telly or the silver screen.

Posted by: Aymie at September 19, 2003 02:59 PM


Is David Blaine for real…

Well, I agree with Aymie. David Blaine is a magician, and a really good one. Magicians are all about illusion… in the sense “what you see is NOT what you get”. Tricks are tricks, anyone can buy the secret of how most of Blaine’s tree magic tricks are done, or find them on the net . But the REAL trick is how well the magician makes you believe it, which is Blaine’s great talent. The street magic shows are great. As James Randi said somewhere, David Blaine is a really great magician, but maybe he should stick to doing magic and not come over all Uri Geller.

Now the Blaine-in-a-box stunt. I’ll declare a professional interest here; I am a professional scientist in the field of medical physiology. Not a specialist in human nutrition (or lack of), but I know a guy (or two) who is…

Anyway… first question: COULD the stunt be done for real? Definitely. A few people mentioned the IRA hunger strikers. The ones who died lasted on average about 60 days, so longer than Blaine is going to be in the box “officially”. Plus they were probably not in as good physical shape going in as Blaine is.

Would it be dangerous done absolutely for real? Somewhat. But not life-threatening if someone was monitoring what you pee out and was going to jerk you out of the box if there was any indication that your kidneys or liver were getting shaky.

A second question: Should we believe it? Well, would a scientist believe it was for real without “independent monitoring”? With a team of independent experts testing what goes in and out through the tubes, and having an infra-red surveillance camera recording 24 hr video? No way. Not if the guy doing it was Joe Schmo. And definitely not if he was/is a PROFESSIONAL MAGICIAN – a guy whose business is making you see what’s not really there.

So I have to figure that Blaine has something going on. Like Aymie, I cannot believe a pro magician would put himself at real unpredictable physical risk, given that there are a whole bunch of ways the stunt could be fixed – from salts and vitamins in the water to sneaking out of the box for 30 min at 3 am.

So which bit of it probably IS for real? I can believe Blaine is spending a big chunk of each day in the box. I can believe he’s not eating anything much, or maybe even nothing solid. So he will come out looking thinner. Incidentally, almost none of the articles in the press have commented on the fact that Blaine has clearly gained about 40-50 pounds in weight in preparation for the stunt. Of course – nobody thinks Blaine is dumb. If you’re going to lose a lot of weight, best to put on the extra first, like a hibernating animal does getting ready for Winter.

So in the end – the physical side of the stunt is not so tough, even if it is for real. And certainly not if it is being given a little extra help.

The toughest bit of doing the stunt for real would actually be the mental side – not going crazy cooped up in a 6 by 6 by 3 ft box with nothing to do and no-one to talk to for 44 days. Now that I could almost believe Blaine is weird enough to try, especially if he is really buddies with that bullshi**er Uri Geller. But again, the cynic in me says there has to be a wrinkle.

So as we Brits say - all a storm in a teacup, really
But in the end – more power to Blaine, I guess. Remember, Blaine-ies: What was it the man called himself? “An entertainer” So if he can make 8 million dollars, and the TV company can get ratings, and people in the UK can have a laugh taking the mickey out of the whole thing… everyone’s happy.

And even us physiologists can get some extra action at parties from people asking us whether it’s for real.

To sign off, as someone else above pointed out, REAL starvation isn’t funny. But that’s not what this is. This is a piece of ENTERTAINMENT. Enjoy.

Posted by: Uncle Charlie at September 19, 2003 05:04 PM

yo djed... u know wha really sucks? i from st. maarten in tha caribbean n i never see david blaine except on t.v. well all my life watchin this man do he amazin tricks and enjoyin it and hopin to meet him one day so he could so some tricks for me to see.... now i am in london and finally after so many years i see david blaine, but he in a box.. a fletchin box doin nuttin.. i was just there today and he is just in a box doin absolutely nuttin...tha shiz so disappointin nuh.. when u finally have the chance to see heem, u cant even communicate coz he doin some stupid thing to which nobody give a crap if it possible anyhow... the tricks is what we love david!!! so get down from there and do ur tricks before i leave man!!!

Posted by: jero at September 19, 2003 08:31 PM

One American out of 300 million pulls a publicity stunt in London and it's open season on the nation as a whole, complete with the utterly tired and banal stereotypes.

Perhaps Mr. Blaine's stunt is underwhelming, but so is the oh-so-unclever response. Don't fool yourselves into thinking this is satire on the plane of Swift.

Posted by: MikeD at September 21, 2003 01:54 AM

I think David Blaine is SO HOT, i would make love to him, and suck his amazing python once he gets out of that glass cage of his!

I wanna shave off his pubic hair and lick his amazing balls.

David, get down from there!

Posted by: Mamasita at September 21, 2003 05:09 PM

Okay are some of you out there on a selfless mission to rid the world of spelling and grammatical errors, or are you missing the point? Firstly I would like to point out that yes I did notice that the people who have made comments in Blaine's favour, on average have more spelling and grammatical errors than those who slated him (especially the earlier comments). But what alarmed me more was the non committal comments being made by these people, for example, Blaine is the best (the best at what exactly?)or he's the only one strong enough (is that strong in a physical or mental sense?). The point I am trying to make is that in order to understand something you need to look at the bigger picture, open your minds! On that note I would like to leave you with a fact, Albert Einstein was dyslexic (yes he could not spell either) and he went on to win a noble prize and have a chemical element named after him (einsteinium). He also had an I.Q estimated at around 170 (average being 100-120, and the required I.Q for Mensa membership being 148) meaning in his time he would have been in the top 1% of the world most intellegent people. So the next time you judge someone for their spelling remember Bert and look at the content not just how the spell something.
Please forgive me if I have made any spelling errors in my comment!!!!

Posted by: Alternative spell checker at September 21, 2003 11:59 PM

before anyone else points this out yes I did spell intelligent incorrectly. just keeping you on your toes!!!!

Posted by: Alternative spell checker at September 22, 2003 12:07 AM

Why are the Brits taking this event so seriously? Dont you get it yet? You are giving Blaine what he wants. He knew going to London being an American would get him this violent reaction. He is making you look foolish. If he was hanging from a box in New York,he would not have generated this global hype. Before this event in London,most people in Europe had no idea who he was. Not now. And why the deep hatred and hostility towards Blaine? Thats a rhetorical question because it is simple,he is American! The Anti-American cock roaches are coming out of the woodwork. You see them crawling around everywhere on the net. Instead of just insulting Blaine,they exercise their hatred against the US as a whole. The media coverage in the US is NOT about Blaine,but about the idiots throwing food.

The British press is so ridiculously slanted and hostile towards America that the British people are being spoon fed hate on a daily basis. I read various media reports from Britain about the US and they are nothing more than hit pieces and remind me of tabloid garbage..the Brits eat it up though. I dont envy your hate. It must be difficult to live with. The British elite have what is called an imperial hangover I think,wich trickles down to the working class slobs. When their ghastly defunct Queen 'mum' was born,they owned 1/3 of the globe,now they own nothing but the rock they live on and a few other rocks.They can not stand that a confident self-assured nation like America is the richest and most powerful nation on Earth. The British no longer call the shots in the world and have sadly become nothing but Bush's little lap dog...he says bark,and the British goverment ask how loud. The gross national product of the US,even without the US military,is twice as big as the country in second place..hell,California by itself is the 5th largest economy on Earth. I've been to England,and it reminded me of an old grey sock. Ugly women with big nasty teeth. I was not impressed. I would rather be on the sunny beach in Florida where I live. Blaine is making the British people look like childish hooligans who had their lollipops taken away. To actually take time out of your day to go to the Blaine site and toss food at him does not put the British people in a position to criticize one for bad taste. The people who do this should Get a life. The best reaction from the Brits would have been a non-reaction. Think about it..Blaine hanging from his box with no one around. Somtimes silence speaks volumes..Blaine will be laughing his way to the bank. i am laughing at the morons with no lives tossing food at him. Quite sad. Give those eggs and sausage meats to some homeless people instead. Sorry for the insults. Im only trying to match the hostile British tone,wich is almost impossible.

Posted by: Brian at September 22, 2003 12:42 AM

By the way...most Americans think Blaine is boring and he is ridiculed all of the time..we are not violent towards him though. I think that is why he went to London to generate some hype. and the Britons obliged him. They had a guy on TV in America who explained how to do all of his 'street magic' a few years ago. This has to be Blaines biggest pay day yet...

Posted by: Brian at September 22, 2003 12:52 AM

America = rich

Britain and Europe = enlightened

Which is better?

Depends on what you value....

(Before you start screaming, Americans - that is the assessment of your one of your own authors, Bill Bryson....)

Posted by: Dr.Who at September 22, 2003 01:17 AM

One more fact..Hollywood makes MORE money outside of America than it does in it. Fact. I want you all to think about that fact for awhile. Thank You for feeding the machine.

Posted by: Brian at September 22, 2003 01:24 AM


America likes to think its 20 years ahead of Europe.


Its at least six hours behind.

Thank you for being a machine.

Posted by: Dr.Who at September 22, 2003 01:27 AM

"America = rich

Britain and Europe = enlightened

Which is better?

Depends on what you value...."

Bill Byrsons self hatred is excessive. And it Sounds like spin. Byrson hates America and writes his books from this motivation. The title of his books alone should tell you that he is not very obejective. You dont see America whining about Europe. Europeans are well liked and are welcome in America. We will let you do the hating. America annually accepts more immigrants than all countries combined. Look it up. All of these people leaving all of these other places coming to America can not be wrong. How is that for 'enlightenment'?

Posted by: Brian at September 22, 2003 01:34 AM

I bring up the Hollywood fact because you people(non-American) are the BIGGEST vendees for the things you claim to hate. Very odd.

Posted by: Brian at September 22, 2003 01:40 AM

I really really don't want to close off this conversation but unless we quit the America / Britain bitching then I'm going to.

Please keep discussion to David Blaine London related topics and by that I mean stop whining about the U.S. or Britain - they are both great places and both have their faults.

Posted by: Paul at September 22, 2003 01:41 AM

2 million in prison, largest percentage of the population of any first world country inside. By far.

2 countries in the entire world execute people who commit crimes as children. One of them is Somalia.

Harvard lecturers urging Bush to give the police 'torture warrants'...random quote..."I think you have to draw a distinction between torture that causes 'permanent' physical damage, and torture which merely causes pain. Whilst, say, having a sterilized needle inserted under the nail may be extremely painful, I don't think anyone would argue that it would 'permanent' physical harm, so it should be used...


You know - enlightened...

Posted by: Dr.Who at September 22, 2003 01:42 AM

You are bloated with anti-American propaganda Dr Who. The Harvard claim is garbage. Im sure the source of that is amusing though. It does not take a whole lot to get the frothing at the mouth anti-Americans going..its like 'old reliable'. I dont envy your bad disposition. Wasnt there a genocide in Europe not to long ago? Yes there was..You know,ethnic cleansing-->K-O-S-O-V-O. Take care of your own backyard before you point your plastic finger...

Posted by: Brian at September 22, 2003 02:05 AM

Of course it's not because he's american.....??? Like you say hollywood makes more $ outside of the USA... and anyway, look how many Americans film stars are idolised. It is because he takes him self so damn seriously... and in doing so (sorry his fans) comes across as a bit of a gimp. As somone earlier mentioned anyone who came to the UK and stuck there noses up and chatted utter bollo*ks about how he'll have to revert to animal insinct (in a box.... errr.... good one Davey) will be riduculed by the greater percentage of the Brithish population. Infact, I think I would possibly really like the guy if he had a bit more to his public persona than this spiritual (gimpish) front.... and took himself (& his stunts) a little less seriously.

Posted by: Alex C at September 22, 2003 03:14 PM

Brian.... get a grip mate... just read your comments about throwing food at him.... A few eggs we are talking - here and there - not exactly the grain deficit of Africa... a well worthy usage of an egg or two in order to protest I believe.

Posted by: Alex Coulter at September 22, 2003 03:23 PM

who gives a s-h-i-t it's great fun to ridicule his boring ways


Posted by: Robert Weir at September 22, 2003 05:23 PM


Posted by: MARION SKRTIC at September 22, 2003 06:08 PM

cut down the tall poppy!

Posted by: Rowen Atkinson at September 22, 2003 07:52 PM

Hey Guys!

Its been really interesting reading all the opinions, with exception to some pathetic and childish contributions. Mostly I agree with RU, his succinct and sagacious opinion was very insightful.

Referring to the whole American / British argument, I would just like to say that I have met alot of Americans (I am British) and have liked only half of them. Then again I have met, read about, had experiences of alot of British people and liked only half of them. Conclusion: It is absolutely impossible to stereotype an entire nation, no matter how large or small. However something that I feel both countries have in common is that their governments seem to work extremely hard to destroy any good reputation that the citzens try to create for themselves. Food for thought

As for David Blaine, let the guy sit in a box for 44 days, but don't expect me to be impressed. And if you are willing to put yourself/your skill up for judgement in such a manner, then you must accept the judgement you are given, not matter how unfavourably.

Posted by: Alex Carington at September 23, 2003 02:14 PM

Without salt, he won't last 1 month. PERIOD. he can't beat that. Either he has salt, or he doesn't. Its that simple. By the end of the month, he will be lights out unless he is lying and taking supplements. BIOLOGY 101.

Posted by: salty at September 23, 2003 08:36 PM

if your not impressed by his stunt, act, setup, endurance , what ever you call it why are you on this website wasting your time reading this....surely you should be spreading the word which has lead you to your great heights.....if you've have actually listened to what he says then your will know he classes himself as an entertainer..and that's it........i don't like elton johns music..so i don't listen to it...get the point...

Posted by: victor at September 25, 2003 12:00 AM

He's just making you think.

Posted by: Ana at September 25, 2003 11:48 AM

I fail to see why a man who is voluntarily choosing to stay in a box, in isolation without food should receive mass media coverage and hype and publicity when people around the world are daily dying of starvation, involutarily, and without the choice of being cut down to the salvation of civilisation.

there's tonnes of homeless people lining the streets of london as well who may not be facing utter starvation or deprivation, but don't have the benefit of a nice warm perspex box either. or a waste disposal system. we tend to see them brought into A&E after being beaten up.

Posted by: re-minisce. at September 27, 2003 06:00 AM

Surely all this talk about DB's 'stunt' being an affront to those who go hungry involuntarily is self-defeating. He's clearly raising public awareness of genuine starvation which can only be a good thing. Did anyone complain that his 'block of ice' stunt was a slap-in-the-face for hypothermia sufferers, or the 'cutting off ear' an insult to torture victims? I think not.

And as for torture, I think DB himself must feel pretty tortured by the sound of his own name - can't those teenage girls think of something else to shout other than 'DAVID'? Even 'Hello David' would be an improvement.

Also, no response yet from those who think it's a 'switch' as to how he might do it. I ask only for information.

Posted by: Jaydee at September 27, 2003 08:09 AM

One man in a box?
Yes we are being made to think
by this David Blaine.
Positive for sure when most of us turn off in front of a TV screen every evening.

I hope that he comes out of this event unharmed and with the world a more questioning place!

Posted by: Unity at September 28, 2003 02:10 AM

I was there just two days ago to see him and he looks fine.

All I can say is Give the guy a break... Let him do what he wants. I think his real secret is that he wanted to lose some major excess weight!

Posted by: chris Khong at September 28, 2003 10:40 AM

Just got back from spending the weekend in London and spent most of the time fascinated by the spectacle of it all.Also spoke to Dave's lovely girlfriend, Manon Von Gerkan.Watching the freaks,exhibitionists,weirdos and those there,like me and my family, just to cheer the guy on(I never once felt the urge to burst the eardrums of the person next to me by screaming DAAAAAVVVIIIID!!!),it makes you stop and think about the very thing we call fame.Everyone who turns up and makes a show of themselves really wants to be in the box being watched,performing for the masses.The Asian teenager who decided to kill herself with Calpol(Paracetimol) sachets while my family wwas sat on the next bench to her, wanted the attention of Manon,David's girlfriend.She loved it as Manon ran around looking for help.Manon called her mother and when she arrived did she rush her sickly daughter to hospital? No she hung around Manon, revelling in the attention and carried on watching the show.Lets hope she does not wake up the next day with permanent liver damage eh?

Posted by: Pewag at September 29, 2003 02:47 PM

David Blain is the devil. He can do things that science cant explain. He is satan himself and will promote flying therefore creating mass unemployment in the air industry.

Posted by: bob jnes at September 30, 2003 12:12 PM

I am writing this so that I can look at it later and I know many other people will have looked at this - I want a small portion of fame - to be on the world wide web.
This is what Blaine and all of you want, so let us and him have it.
And please dont reply by saying somthing like'speak for yourself (or #you cant spell') cos you'd be lying to yourself.

Posted by: Andrew gropouoplop at September 30, 2003 12:20 PM

I gotta luv spoof web sites,stunts'n'all,Has this man got you talking or what!!!!So onto the next urban legend,"this man is wearing the same pants for fortyf******g days"

Posted by: mku77 at October 1, 2003 03:34 AM

I must admit i go on to sky one once in a while to watch David, he is slightly eccentric, but just watching him for 10 mins makes you wonder how the man can stay in there in there like that for so long!
you have to respect him for his willpower even if you are unsure of his reasons.

Posted by: Bethy B at October 1, 2003 12:00 PM

to david i think its cool what you are doing and so werid for a good sense if you now what i mean i saw you in the ice box in down town new york and i think that was the coolest and so mind blowing and cool i hope to see you do more stunts after youve do this one i think you are the coolest person i know i think you are passing the human llaws of nartural you casn survive the cold the heat and the rain i really think you are cool and one of the coolest people i know and trust me i know quite a few pepole .

Posted by: andrew at October 1, 2003 12:38 PM

Oh I love this site - Shakespeare where are you? There's a play here just waiting. I still think DB's doing a good job keeping us entertained but, hey, maybe that's just me.

Posted by: Jaydee at October 1, 2003 09:08 PM

i think blaine is great. do you think when houdini performed the illusions that shocked the world that people threw eggs at him! shame on all you english. this stunt may not be his most interesting but he is one the magicians responsible for giving magic a fresh and exciting face. he's like the tiger woods of magic. magic was a dying trade, especially in the UK. i think the fact that u are all writing here proves my point. while he is gaining publicity, so is the world of magic. he might be earning lots of money but magic is supposed to entertain u when u are unhappy and take ur mind off the real world. i think the world needs that right now.

Posted by: Matt at October 6, 2003 06:38 PM

yeah great a man in a box for 44days. jesus stayed alive in the wilderness for 40days and nights. woohoo.
if david was doing this for charity then maybe we might be interested a bit more and not be nasty. the fact is he is doing it to line his own pockets. so do we really care that a man who already has millions is making more by staying in a box? nope.

Posted by: dee at October 6, 2003 11:47 PM

hey ppl..well all i can say is that even if david blain aint doin this charity its still a big deal especially for him..he likes doin this sort of stuff..no one tells u wat do to so u shudnt wen other ppl actually have the courage to do something like this..the ppl that dnt like wat hes doin should jus ignore it or something..ignore wat u hear abt him u dnt have to listen..it aint hard to do..ur all abit thik for cumin on this site and giving negative comments abt him..if u dnt like it why come on the site?

Posted by: rabz at October 7, 2003 11:15 PM

h:i david keep going don't give up yet you are doing really weel good luck david.

love from michael reynolds

Posted by: michael reynolds at October 8, 2003 11:07 AM

The mans a complete nutter! nuf said!

Posted by: Sarah at October 8, 2003 01:39 PM

Read the posts by "Brian" above. Everything is dead on. All we have here is a guy performing an illusion for money. Wow. What a great reason to hate America and start an American/British debate. Of course you're going to have American's cheering him on. We've known about his "magic" for a while and he's built up a fan base. Does that mean that you Brits need to hate him and then tag your reasons on all Americans? Seriously, what's the big deal? The guy isn't actually starving himself (a point many seem to be missing) and he doesn't think he's superior to anyone who has.

This board should be used for support and jokes, not America bashing. Both of our nations have weak points and none of us should be pompous enough to think that we are the voice of our entire respective nations. So, either have some fun with this or go find something better to do. There are many causes more deserving of your anger and hatred.

Posted by: USA at October 8, 2003 07:21 PM

Starvation for 44 days?! Big deal, there are people in Third World countries who do it for 365 days of the year and don't get paid for it either!
OK, so he wants to prove that human beings can endure more that they think they can, good for you Dave. If ever I'm stranded on a desert island or in the middle of the Sahara, that may inspire me to survive but until I can be a normal human being, in normal surroundings, I'll eat, drink and be merry!!!

I'm off to lunch now...Cheers Dave!

Posted by: Sam Martins at October 9, 2003 12:09 PM

David is doing what he loves to do, achieveing his goal everytime. I love him. He likes to go higher with each stunt so he can be closer to God. he is like a butterfly in a glass box. David show me your magic and i will give you my energy for you. David i really want to meet you very soon. You have changed my way of looking at life. Thankyou David you will always be in my thoughts. Lots of love and peace, Bridget. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by: Bridget at October 11, 2003 09:28 PM

I live in London and I really don't care what he is doing it's stupid. He has caused traffic chaos and is a menace to the society of London GET HIM OUT OF THERE

It also seems to me that he is rather well for someone that is on nothign but water!!!!!

Posted by: Ellie at October 13, 2003 02:54 PM

he's soOo cool...i myself is a no1 fan and wannabe like him too... ive been readig up street magic for a year or so...and his new stunt in london without food for that long, i tried the same thing too and managed 1 week and felt really ill and haven't been able to eat properly for a while...but hay if your fat you'll lose weight rreally easy so try it out ;-)

Posted by: David Blaine wannabe at October 13, 2003 03:06 PM

A German mother is today - 14 October 2003 - on a
crane in the Hamburg university area because they will not let her son (18) go home to Germany.
He is held in England at 66, Appledore Avenue,
Barnehurst,Kent,DA7 6HQ, by Bedfordshire County Council, for over a year.

the mother cannot stand heights (even minor ones), has arthritis in all joints, and is very frail all over.
She has been through two hungerstrikes during the last three months. 13 days and 11 days.she fell unconscious both times.
We are wondering how it is possible that David Blaine looks so well after nearly 6 weeks of hungerstrike.
Only on water - strange.

He has not lost much weight and looks well in the face instead of gaunt.

We wish him well but wished the mother of Sascha
would be supported and be reunited with her son.

She wants no money - just her son.

Best regards,

Yvonne Hyde, Renata, Chris Rehm
Simon Ducker

Posted by: Yvonne Hyde at October 14, 2003 04:50 PM

This message will be short but sweet! i think that what david blaine is doing is a little difficult but can be done with a little self control! i would even do it to prove it or at least give it a try! so if anyone wants to fund this or knows who will then let me know cos i would seriously do it to prove that a normal person could do it just the same!

Posted by: Steven at October 14, 2003 08:41 PM

hi, i just have to say blaine is gorgeous.

love u.

Posted by: veronica at October 16, 2003 07:46 PM

ever david blaine ever get married will he marry his girlfriend manon von gerkan they make a lovely couple

Posted by: Lisa Dunlop at October 16, 2003 11:54 PM

i think that david blaine is amazing staying in the box for so long

Posted by: david at October 17, 2003 01:49 PM

I remember David every day before eating anything. In a way I feel guilty not just because he is hungry but for those who have no food to eat. At least he did it by choice but poor people have no choice. Well done David! You made us think more about those in need of food.

Posted by: mitrs at October 17, 2003 07:36 PM

David Blaine is a raging friggin tool. Sure he can do card tricks, but so can a zillion other guys in Vegas, New York, London, wherever. What he does is seek out attention and publicity.

The stunts are not only idiotic, they are an insult. Take people in famine-stricken areas. Better yet, take POWs, particularly those in the Bataan Death March, or those in concentration camps. Riiiiiiiiight, now I am impressed that David Blaine went 44 days without a Twinkie, especially as he was on TV and facing a $5 million payday. Hell, anorexics do it just for the kick of being skinny.

I was in London for business, did not even know Blaine was pulling his stunt there. So went by the site and saw it. It was impressively inane. A crane, with a plexiglass cage hanging from it. Wow. That is magic. From what I encountered first-hand, most people there thought "he was a waste of space" (to quote an older New Zealander).

Let him make it rain for a farmer or something, that would take some talent. Better yet, use his "mental powers" to track terrorists.

I will respect his mental powers when he survives 5 years in a federal prison. THAT would take some mental fortitude.

Posted by: Erick at October 19, 2003 06:10 PM

I'm sorry, but who thinks being stuffed in a box for days on end is going to help anything whatsoever? I don't think anyone really cares if it can be done or not, it's just a mental stunt. If he wants to do it fine, but perhaps he should have done it for a better reason...charity for example! And please tell me he's not getting paid for it. That is just the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. There are things far more important out there than crazy men boxes!

Posted by: Caroline at October 19, 2003 09:29 PM

Folks, the major problem with modern society in all lands is that we are distracted by fake non issues, because it keeps us from having to talk about ones that really matter. David Blaine is a Magician, not one penny more or less. Magicians do indeed put themselves in situations where they can be harmed; if you don't think so, catch the Siegfried and Roy show in Vegas, (ooops, sorry, you can't at the moment.) But to take this and make it some treatise only means you have bought into the hype.

Posted by: Scott at October 20, 2003 04:32 AM

i think that david blain is amazing because nobody can actually stay in a box for 44 days and nobody will be able to break this record. david blain you are the best

Posted by: emma at October 20, 2003 06:06 PM

MY country India Has thousands Of DAVID BLAINE. they can strave and live even without water they
are called yogis. even the beggars do that everyday. what david is trying to do is transending the limitations of the body and trying to prove to the peoples.I respect him for that and everybody should.

Posted by: Raj at October 24, 2003 08:56 PM

Look David Blaine is the greatest magician of all time apart from Houdni theres no other person that attempted any stunt similar to what david has done.If you think David sucks or is just hes mad well yeah he is mad and what are all of you losers going to do about it,nothing literaly because you can kiss my ass!Ok good, i very much doubt who's reading this message can
stay in a sealed block of ice {thats come fresh from Antartica} for 3 hours.Im going to stop here and if you have any questions for me email me i am always available.

Posted by: Gurpal at October 25, 2003 05:32 PM

I think David Blaine is SO HOT, i would make love to him, and suck his amazing python once he gets out of that glass cage of his!

I wanna shave off his pubic hair and lick his amazing balls.

David, get down from there!

Posted by: Mamasita at October 30, 2003 12:52 AM

i would love to see david blaine and manon von gerkan get married will it happen

Posted by: Lisa Dunlop at November 1, 2003 11:21 PM

No , I don't think so. I don't it will happen, cause I'm Gonna Take him all for myself. We've already had sex a few times in ma dreams and David's Python is so amazing...If he don't get outta his cage, I'm gonna go to New York and wait for him before Manon Von Gerkan does...

Love U David, Ya Sexy Thing!

Posted by: Mamasita at November 2, 2003 09:13 PM


Posted by: sparky at November 6, 2003 04:03 PM

He lost 20 kilos and he's so skinny now. Poor thing! I'd still suck his pencil dick..

I love u DAVID mmwahh!!

Posted by: Mamasita at November 8, 2003 12:33 AM

Ah leave a bruva alone - ur too harsh! :p He's a kool guy.

Posted by: Armand at November 17, 2003 03:16 AM

i think david blaine is really cool hes just doing what he likes leave him alone all u haters

thats all

Posted by: elliott at December 7, 2003 04:35 PM

i think your cool but a bit mad.

age 8

Posted by: grace at December 24, 2003 05:43 PM

i think your cool but a bit mad.

age 8

Posted by: grace at December 24, 2003 05:43 PM

i think your cool but a bit mad.

age 8

Posted by: grace at December 24, 2003 05:43 PM

Blane shows us what we can do as humans. Endurance is key. For Bowels, he cleans out his system, laxatives, and the water is exactly that, thus there are no bowels. I would like to see any of you try to live for over a month with no food. Oh,you think it's boring, then don't watch. For the rest of us, the non-chipthrowers/non-haters, I think he inspires us and demonstrates a greater human potential than most prominent examples. He inspires us to think, perhaps even to be spiritual or at least to believe in some last shred of human dignity; that we could still be great despite the present insurgency of corruption and weakness.
And for all of those of who don't think Blane is fricking Magical, please explain to me how he could turn a Beggar's coffee into change or have a bum pick three 'Scratchers' type lottery tickets, scratch one with a 'lucky gold coin', consequently winning $1,600. No trick mate, I think that's some 4-D/spiritual shizzle.
No worries mate.

Posted by: S. B. at December 29, 2003 05:46 PM

let me just say... I LOVE DAVID BLAINE! his the nicest person ever!!! i have met him a few times when he got out his box at harrods and his so sweet and only thinks about other people rather than himself. i think his great!!! he dont care what anybody else thinks about him, his doing all this stuff for himself to see how far he can push himself! there are so many damn haters!!! in this country who cant accept him4 what his doing! leave the man alone u sad arse losers! if u dont like him and u dont agree wiv what his doing, then dont come on here and diss him! y are u even interested in him if u hate him so much! i think ur getting mixed up wiv who the losers are!
peace to all the d.b lovers!!!!!!!x

Posted by: d.b.rules-x at January 26, 2004 07:59 PM