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It's fun to see what our elected representatives do to make a quick buck when not working for us at the House of Commons - Register of Members' Interests and the Register of Interests of Members of the Scottish Parliament.

Gordon Jackson MSP for Glasgow Govan makes �100,000 a year as a Q.C. and has three flats in Edinburgh. The Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith, Leader of Her Majesty's opposition, enjoyed one night's accommodation and a day's fishing on the River Tay as a guest of Scottish Coal - trying to persuade him to nationalise the mines? His predecessor William Hague however seems to enjoy lavish remuneration for making speeches and advising.

If you're ever bored I highly recommend this as an amusing way to while away some time.

Posted by Paul at August 29, 2003 02:48 AM |
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Some interesting stuff there Paul!
Nothing to do with the ubove, but, I don't know if your aware of the recent controversy surrounding large department stores and their infamous store cards, which when signing up for they neglect to point out that if you do not pay the premium then you are charged 30% interest. Pretty shocking stuff eh. Thankfully I am not one of the millions of people contributing to the wealth of fat cats around the world though credit card interest but that does not make it any less a harsh reality. Also now in order to cover the debt you have aquired through credit cards and such, you are being offered the option of taking out a scandalous amount of money from companies such as first direct to cover the costs (who use chirpy presenters such as Carol Vorderman and Carol Smilie to push their product) ensuring that you are in their grasp for... well almost all of your natural life. thankfully the office of fair trade is investigating the dishonesty of the store card, but I can only hope some action is taken and taken soon. So heres a thought for a blogroll entry: large corparations and their illusions that they are ubove the law (or mabye that should be their correct assumption that they are ubove the law).

Posted by: Amber at September 15, 2003 05:10 PM