Women in Iraq

For a new leader , winning acceptance for female authority is uphill battle tells of Dr. Raja Habib Al-Khuzai's struggle for acceptance on the Iraqi governing council. It's sometimes easy to glibly assume that one society is much like any other and what works in one will therefore work in another.

"She declined to comment on a report that appeared in al-Zaman newspaper several weeks ago that said certain ultraconservative male members of the Governing Council refused to shake hands with her, leery of physical contact between the sexes."

That quote at first seemed to me to describe an almost inconceivable and unbelievable situation. Dr. Al-Khuzai and the other two women on the governing council are leading change by being bold enough to challenge ideas, not by imposing their ideas on others. A strategy which will first win hearts, then minds and hopefully then equality.

Posted by Paul at August 29, 2003 03:18 AM |

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I'm doing research on the women in the Mid-East. I need to know how the womens' rebellion in the Mid-East effected or inspired those in the U.S. If you could give me a cite or write me back, I would greatly appreceiate it. Thanks!

Khrystal Lightfoot

Posted by: Khrystal Lightfoot at October 14, 2003 10:38 PM