New Flat in Edinburgh

I'm moving into a new flat today which is going to be big fun. It's a bigger flat so instead of there being two of us there will be four. It's nice too, a Georgian apartment with curved walls and weird things going on like a dome sky-light and cool flag stones in the Kitchen. I'm gonna be without broadband for 10 days (why does it take BT 10 days to move adsl when they move the phone number in 1 minute?) and I'm not at all looking forward to having to dial up like in the old days.

I've started going through piles of paper which I've accumulated trying to trash as much as possible but it's not easy. And I'm wondering why I buy books when they are so heavy to move especially things like O'Reilly sendmail and TCP/IP network administration.

But it's all fun really. An excuse for a "new flat" party if nothing else.

Posted by Paul at September 1, 2003 12:18 AM |
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