Worlds Oldest Genitals

New Scientist reports the discovery of the world's oldest fossilised genitals just outside Aberdeen in Scotland.

"Fossils of harvestmen arachnids (Opiliones) have been found by palaeontologists in an ancient rock at Rhynie near Aberdeen in Scotland. Preserved within a male is a penis two-thirds the length of his body, and on a female there is a long egg-laying organ known as an ovipositor."

Apparently not much has changed in the intervening 400 million years for this particular species of harvestmen even though 400 Million years ago Aberdeen was south of the equator and had exotic things like hot springs.

I only posted this because it was about the virility of Scots, albeit Scots arachnids. Two-thirds the length of his body? Jeepers.

Posted by Paul at September 23, 2003 02:06 AM |
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