Claude Monet : The Seine and the Sea

I went to see the exhibition Monet The Seine and the Sea (Vétheuil and Normandy, 1878-1883) recently in the newly refurbished Royal Scottish Academy and noticed in the papers today that they have recently welcomed the 100,000th visitor to the exhibit.

Not a great fan of Monet in particular there weren't many pieces which I liked for themselves but seeing such a huge number of pieces by the same artist all from a 5 year period was fascinating. It was interesting to see how his style changed over the years - and very interesting to see the same landscapes painted by a few artists contemporaneous to Monet like Corot, Courbet and Daubigny.

The RSA renovation is nice, check it out. The whole Playfair 'scheme' which links the RSA and the National Gallery with underground lecture theatres and whatnot is due for completion sometime next year.

Posted by Paul at September 27, 2003 08:22 PM |
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