First Day of Law School

After a phenomenally long summer holiday (4 months) I had my first proper day of school today. Started out with Legal Reasoning and Legal Systems this morning and followed up in the afternoon with Politics 1Ah. Both promise to be fascinating.

I finally braved the queue for matriculation which although snaking along Chamber Street and halfway down Guthrie Street was actually pretty fast moving. So now I have my University of Edinburgh Card, all red and celtic and emblazoned with a mass-murderer like picture of me.

I was supposed to have a computer literacy class as well but didn't quite make it. Instead I went to the Law library and logged on to checkout Lexis Nexis and WestLaw, both of which I'm thinking will be fairly indispensable over the next few years.

Went to see some show this evening (The Constant Wife by Somerset Maugham) which is tantalisingly marketed thus

"Constance Middleton is a very rare creature - witty, intelligent and captivating. John Middleton, her husband, is having an affair with her best friend. Although Constance and John are totally devoted, they have been married too long. So, what should she do?"

Okay gimme a break, the ticket was free okay.

All in all a great first day. When is this enthusiasm going to wane?

Posted by Paul at October 7, 2003 02:11 AM |
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