Economic Growth in Scotland

The Fraser of Allander Institute, a research unit of the University of Strathclyde which carries out research on the Scottish economy, recently announced the Allander Series - a catalyst they hope to a debate about achieving improved sustainable growth in Scotland.

The series invited papers from leading economic luminaries from around the world which address sustainable Scottish economic growth and contributors include the much blogged about Paul Krugman and eminent others.

The first paper, Innovation & Enterprise [PDF], is now on the series Web site. Professor Baumol examines the role of innovation in Scotland's economy and makes various suggestions on increasing growth through innovation; more U.S. like patent system, easier immigration of foreign technology workers, more government funded general research, quicker adaptation of foreign technology, more use of venture capital.

The PDF is 83 pages but it's not a highly technical read and is interesting throughout.

Posted by Paul at October 8, 2003 04:10 PM |
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