Michael Portillo

There's an excellent article in The Guardian today about Michael Portillo and his relationship with the Tory party - Labour hopes the Tories never reach Planet Portillo .

The one time fascist has over the last several years exposed his more vulnerable side, his youthful indiscretions and on Wednesday of this week will win over more disenfranchised voters appearing as a single mum in When Michael Portillo...became a single mum on BBC2. Michael Portillo, fiscally responsible, is increasingly seen as socially liberal which coupled with his business friendly supply-side economic beliefs make him an ideal leader for the Conservative Party with both the cunning and gravitas to challenge Tony Blair. Whether this results in a government of a right wing party brought to the centre or simply forces the current government of left-wingers brought to the centre to buck up their act is for the people to decide. The Tories would do well however to at least give themselves a chance.

Posted by Paul at October 14, 2003 12:19 PM |
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i would like more information about the documentary that Michael was in because at the time of broadcast i was in the states. Thankyou,Pooja Amin

Posted by: pooja amin at November 30, 2003 06:13 PM