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Interesting - the Adam Smith Institute has an Adam Smith Institute Weblog. Describing their activities they say

"ASI is the UK's leading innovator of practical market-economic policies. For over 25 years it has been a pioneer in the worldwide movement towards free markets, public-sector reform, and free trade.
The Institute's main focus is on reforming governments and state enterprises in order to promote choice, competition, enterprise, and user-focus. It works through research, reports, conferences, advice, and media debate."

It is interesting however in that the ASI have opened a direct channel of duplex communication and I'm unaware (though that means shit) of any other think tank doing the same thing. Posts are regularly authored by Dr. Madson Pirie or Dr. Eamonn Butler (President and Director respectively) who also take an active role in the ensuing online debate. Seems like a recipe for online success. Nice job folks.

There's more on the ASI at The Guardian's Thinktank bit.

Posted by Paul at October 16, 2003 03:33 AM |
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Adam Smith presented his thoughts in a setting far from our modern day. At that time agriculture was the main business pusuit. The industrial age was not here yet. The factories then consisted primarily of craftmen with only a few workers in one place. It is doubtful if he would be for Free Trade as it is conducted today. He focused on products made in national settings. He would not even understand Free Trade as it is now. Free Trade is primarily based on moving production, factories and now outsourcing jobs to the cheapest labor markets far from the consumer. He most likely would wonder how we got things so mixed up especially with the division of the consumer in a given geopolitical setting with the consumer also being the worker who would need to enjoy a wage in balance with needs as a consumer.
He would most likely think everything is upside down economically.
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