The exodus of call centre jobs from the UK

George Monbiot writing in The Guardian observes that colonisation of India and the destruction of their manufacturing industry, the widespread use of English and familiarity with British working practices has precipitated the influx of jobs previously held by UK workers in The flight to India.

Noting that companies such as National Rail Enquiries, HSBC, BT, British Airways, Lloyds TSB, Prudential, Standard Chartered, Norwich Union, Bupa, Reuters, Abbey National and Powergen are among those who are in the process of moving call centre jobs to India, Monbiot comments that the type of job which is moving will affect the most vulnerable UK communities.

So is the flight to India a good thing or a bad thing? The only reasonable answer is both. The benefits do not cancel out the harm. They exist, and have to exist, side by side. This is the reality of the world order Britain established, and which is sustained by the heirs to the East India Company, the multinational corporations. The corporations operate only in their own interests. Sometimes these interests will coincide with those of a disadvantaged group, but only by disadvantaging another.

For centuries, we have permitted ourselves to ignore the extent to which our welfare is dependent on the denial of other people's. We begin to understand the implications of the system we have created only when it turns against ourselves.

Posted by Paul at October 26, 2003 02:30 AM |

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