Electronic Voting

The fiasco about the Diebold voting machines (it has been said that they're not the most secure) has brought to light a different route to e-voting nirvana, the open source vote counter. The open source vote counter has been used in the Australian Capital Territory and anyone can inspect the source code of both the program and the operating system it runs under (Linux).

There are some other interesting links at that site on potential future use of the 'net in voting as well as copies of the legislation required to allow the use of the vote counter at the 2001 A.C.T. election.

In something as important as the proper counting of your vote it seems appropriate that the software used is above suspicion. To achieve such a level of trust the open source platform is perfect.

How many other pieces of software do you need to be able to trust?

Posted by Paul at November 5, 2003 03:05 AM |
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