Pure Malt is not Single Malt

There can be few industries in the world as stuffy and entrenched in their marketing as is the Scotch Whisky industry. The adverts feature hills, glens, heather and wildlife and the marketing strategy hasn't been updated since nineteen oatcake (to coin a phrase). In an industry such as this molehills can become mountains in a matter of seconds when pretensious sensitivity is trod upon as has happened recently with Cardhu.

With stocks from the Cardhu distillery unable to meet demand, in July it started using a mixture of malts from other distilleries.

No longer a single malt, but a blend of pure malts. If Cardhu can make more money by shipping more product and the "connossieurs" who drink it aren't sufficiently refined to notice the change then good for Cardhu. I'm especially amused that the makers of Glenpish "wrote to every MSP last week about the 'attack' on the industry". Pot, Kettle?

Posted by Paul at November 11, 2003 02:49 PM |

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