GWB, CEO America Inc.

Philip Bobbitt arguing that President Bush must embrace International Law in Playing by the rules says,

For we have entered a period in which strategy and law are coming together for the State, an entity that previously had been defined by keeping them separate. Strategy was external; law was internal. Now, owing to an international system of communications, a superseding system of international human rights, a global system of trade and finance that trumps national markets, transnational threats such as global warming, Aids and Sars, terrorism itself, and, above all, the threat of nuclear proliferation, strategy and law are becoming inseparable. In such an era, there can be no successful international security policy that does not have an active and engaged role for law.

He likens GWB to a CEO running a firm to whom the law is a series of obstacles to be overcome or evaded in pursuit of greater 'business' success.

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