Lord Johan Steyn condemns Guantanamo Bay

One of the UK's most senior legal minds has criticised the Guantanamo Bay detentions in no uncertain terms - Guantanamo condemned. Lord Steyn, the third most senior Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, delivered his remarks this evening and they were made available to Channel 4 News.

Lord Justice Steyn says there's no justice -- Presidential order denies US courts hearing complaints of torture - or that prisoners might be non-combatants -- or foot soldiers who know nothing of al Qaeda.

"The blanket presidential order deprives them all of any rights whatsoever. As a lawyer brought up to admire the ideals of American democracy and justice, I would have to say that I regard this as a monstrous failure of justice."

The question is whether the quality of justice envisaged for the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay complies with the minimum international standards for the conduct of fair trials. The answer can be given quite shortly: It is a resounding No."

Concluding, Lord Steyn says the deal whereby British prisoners at Camp Delta will escape the death penalty is morally indefensible.

Apparently the government are keeping tight lipped in rebutting the assertions.

Peripherally related is the Washington Post's writeup of Cherie Booth QC's comments at a panel discussion a week or two ago in the U.S. where she criticises the U.S. stance on the ICC.

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