Noi Albinoi

Went to see a film on Monday at the Filmhouse called "Noi Albinoi" (Noi the Albino) which is the feature film debut of Dagur Kari from Iceland.

Noi is an outsider in school, in love and in his village of under a thousand people. The school psychiatrist reckons he's a genius, his teachers think he's an idiot. So when he's avoiding school and people in general he retreats to a solitary basement hideaway to smoke and think and dream of palm trees while hatching hopeless plans to escape.

In the end (and this is true) a big avalanche came while Noi was in his 'bunker' and killed everyone he knew. Abandoned by School, Love, Family or Friends in his white prison Noi finally is free.


Posted by Paul at November 26, 2003 02:03 PM |
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