UK Trains

Having not travelled by train for about seven years until about a month ago, because I thought I didn't like them, I'm becoming a convert. In the last month I've been up north in one and just today had occasion to use one to get to somewhere near Newcastle and they are so much better than I ever remember. The Buffet Food is cheap, Virgin ones at least have power sockets for laptops and armrest radio consoles, the GNER ones have a smoking carriage and a quiet zone (where no mobiles are allowed) and thus far in my railway discovery process they have all been pretty punctual. The Virgin ones have very chatty and helpful (maybe overly chatty) people and the GNER ones all have fantastic long overcoats and hats like train people used to have back in the day. And another thing, the tickets are pretty reasonably priced too. It's a revolution. So much better than driving places. Trains & Taxis from here on in.

Posted by Paul at November 28, 2003 03:42 AM |
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