Labour Party's 'Big Conversation'

The Labour Party have launched their 'Big Conversation' with the nation. I've had problems trying to use the Web site but the Guardian reports that the questions on which they solicit opinion are

  • How do we build on economic stability?
  • How do we do more to tackle poverty and inequality?
  • How do we lead healthier lives?
  • How do we make our communities safe?
  • How do we give every child an excellent education?
  • How do we balance work and family life?
  • How do we ensure security and well-being in older age?
  • How do we provide a modern transport network?
  • How do we create a fair asylum and immigration system that benefits Britain?
  • How do we safeguard our environment for future generations?
  • How do we do more to connect politics and people?
  • How do we make Britain stronger in Europe?
  • How do we develop our concept of international community?
The Prime Minister kicked off the 'conversation' saying, "It's time for a grown up discussion. Big issues need real debate, a big conversation between politicians and the people." It'll be interesting to delve into this a bit further, I wonder how many people will actually bother to express their opinions and whether, once expressed, the opinions will be heeded or simply moulded into support for tuition fees, foundation hospitals etc. I think that the process is more useful to TB than the results however, idealism is great but it is high time that people got realistic about what can be done without further upping the tax take.

Posted by Paul at November 28, 2003 06:18 PM |

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