La Traviata

So this evening when I should have been preparing for uni tomorrow I went to La Traviata at the Festival Theatre by Glyndebourne (On Tour). The theatre was full to capacity (almost 2000) and the atmosphere was amazing, everyone just seemed to be really into the thing.

La Traviata is the story of Violetta and Alfredo who fall in love only for Alfredo's father to intervene to protect the dignity of his family. Violetta & Alfredo split and have a public 'spat' wherein Alfredo insults Violetta. Their love is still strong however and when Alfredo discovers that Violetta is dying of tuberculosis he rushes to her bedside. The presence of Alfredo revives Violetta's spirit but, sadly, not her body. Moments later she collapses to the floor, dead.

It took 2 hours 45 mins for Glyndebourne to weave that tale accompanied by a phenomenal orchestra. Totally amazing. I was hooked. Only seen maybe three or four proper operas in my puff but I think I might have to go more often.

Like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman said of La Traviata, "It was so good I ..."

All of which explains why I now have to find something else to do at 5.21am (writing a bl0g entry) to procrastinate further before tackling my homework...

Posted by Paul at December 11, 2003 05:20 AM |
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