Been away...

I was away for a long weekend with a bunch of long-time friends at a converted factory place in Fife. It was awesome. Result is that I haven't posted for a good few days.

Things I've missed:
Saddam caught. Hmmm, Good. Bush pushing for 'ultimate justice' death penalty, Bad. Give him a trial which is fair and which is seen to be fair, air the evidence and incarcerate if found guilty. No need for new martyrs, no need to resort to the same cowboy justice he administered. Will this make Iraq better? It's one of many steps, the state the guy appeared to be in didn't suggest that he was controlling a vast network of Fedayeen or other fighters. His capture will make it clear to any who wish to see him in control that he's not going to be doing much governing in the future. His capture will reassure ordinary folks that the past really is the past. That's a good thing.

Posted by Paul at December 17, 2003 06:42 PM |
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