Happy Holidays

Can't believe it's Christmas time already. For everyone, believers, non-believers, non-believers but celebrators anyway, I hope you have a happy old time of it. I tried to go shopping today for gifts but got very frustrated by it all and chanced upon a fine Pub where I whiled away the afternoon instead.

I'm going north for Christmas but will resume my work here sometime very soon! May post from home but that depends to various extents on my tolerance of alcohol, family and a 56k connection. Thanks for visiting these pages since the site began in March, there have been 116078 page views so far which I think is not bad going. Keep visiting and keep commenting - and if anyone wants to guest blog on here on an occasional basis then let me know, that would be cool.

So yeah, have a great time wherever you are.

Posted by Paul at December 23, 2003 05:10 PM |
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