Double Standards over Beheading?

Andrew Sullivan asks "Where is the Web site?" which the media keeps referring to as a radical islamist web site and in a previous post argues,

Let's start an internet campaign to insist that the major media - including the New Yorker, the networks, the major newsweeklies, and every major paper - run a picture of Zarqawi holding up Nick Berg's severed head. It's time to release the Pearl video and stills too. Enough with the double standards. The media were absolutely right to show the abuse photos. But they are only part of the story. It's about time the media gave us all of it, however harrowing it is.
The address is posted at Internet Haganah who also mirror the video (not on that page). The Beeb has a story about how the Internet is a vital tool for terrorists.

Posted by Paul in Al Qa'ida Politics at May 12, 2004 04:05 AM | 0 Comments