A Saudi Exodus?

The Guardian reports that BAE systems is offering staff an extra 1000GBP to stay on in Saudi Arabia - Danger money for expats as the Saudi exodus grows. The state oil company, Saudi Aramco, relies on the expat workers and in them lies years of experience and knowledge. The exodus of these expats will surely, however slowly, adversely affect the viability of SA and will have a detrimental effect on oil prices. Further (perhaps fatalistically) the movement of workers from Saudi Arabia to other oil producing states more willing to provide security for expats, will contribute to the erosion of Saudi Arabia's central role in the oil world, a reduction in Saudi fortunes and may result in a loss of legitimacy for the ruling House of Saud. All of which would be a victory for A.Q.

Posted by Paul in Saudi Arabia Politics at June 24, 2004 04:28 AM