Ronald Reagan Jnr.

Via Ask (via Kottke), a short interview with Ronald P. Reagan (President Ronald W. Reagan's son). Kottke summarises nicely, "Sometimes the apple falls far, far from the tree."

It's full of gem's viz

  • On Dick Cheney, "I don't think he's a mindful human being."

  • Accounting for the outpouring of grief, "I think it was a relief for Americans to look at pictures of something besides men on leashes."
  • On the efficacy of those running the United States, "One thing that Buddhism teaches you is that every moment is an opportunity to change. And we will have a moment in November to make a big change."
  • On whether he would follow in his fathers footsteps, "I would be unelectable. I'm an atheist. As we all know, that is something people won't accept."

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