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Lockerbie Civil Action

Professor MacQueen's Scots Law News reports that a civil action has been brought against the Lockerbie accused.

First steps have been taken in the Court of Session in an action by the insurers of the now defunct Pan-Am airline in respect of the bombing of the latter's Flight 108 over Lockerbie in 1988. They are suing Messrs Megrahi and Fhimah, who were accused of the bombing in the previous criminal proceedings, for damages in respect of the loss of the airline. Megrahi was found guilty at the criminal trial and is currently serving a 27-year sentence in Barlinnie, but Fhimah was found not guilty. The aim of the civil action, in which the burden of proof would be balance of probabilities rather than the criminal “beyond a reasonable doubt”, appears to be to have the men’s employers – the Libyan government airline and security services – held vicariously liable for their actions. There may however be questions as to whether the Libyan government has assets in Scotland against which any judgement could be enforced. Pleadings were heard on 7 July 2004 and the case was adjourned until 17 November.

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