MSN launches Newsbot (beta)

Via John Battelle, Microsoft (MSFT) have launched a beta version of a News Aggregation & Search Tool, Newsbot. It is powered by MSN Search Technology and rivals Google News (also beta) as a one-stop news shop. Greg Linden (CEO & Founder of believes that, on a cursory inspection, the personalisation is based on subject profiles from the history of stories you have read,

Using subject-based profiles is a well-known method of doing personalization, but it also has well known problems. In particular, the personalization is not specific -- for example, showing just general business headlines -- and tends to pigeonhole people -- showing a reader only business stories and not picking up other cross category interests.
Associated Press is also looking to develop a news search tool.

Posted by Paul in Search Tech at July 28, 2004 07:44 PM