Editor resigns over caption cockup

This is brilliant. The editor of Selkirk's Southern Reporter felt he had to resign after putting into print the following:

Via The Scotsman

Last week saw coverage on pages two and three of the Innerleithen-St Ronanís Borders Games Week, with pictures featuring small children dressed in ecclesiastical outfits (as cardinals?) with no fewer than three large printed captions - in bold - saying: "CAPTION CAPTION about these pious little bleeders and the lady busser doing that interminably boring thing so cherished by Borders festivals. What on earth is going on in this picture? - these people have got to get out more often for their peace of mind and sanity."
The Southern Reporter, which has a circulation of around 18,500, was named best weekly newspaper in Scotland in 2002 and 2003.

Norman Scott, treasurer of the games committee said, "Whoever wrote those words must be at least in league with the devil."

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