Kerry Republicans?

I watched John Kerry's performance at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and thought he came across pretty well. Confident. Relaxed. He talked about the Economy, Health, Education and Security - nothing ground breaking. Played up the Navy career a fair bit. Tackling homeland security head on he sought to convince that the Democrats have what it takes. A more or less centrist stance on the rest sought to dispel the loony liberal label which spelled the end for Dukakis. The end for Bush Sr. arguably was that he lost the Reagan Democrats. Clinton was able to win by reforming the Democrats as Republicans, sure of the left wing vote. Kerry tonight was unashamedly appealing, in what he didn't say as well as what he did, not just to undecided voters but to Republican voters to switch over and become Kerry Republicans.

I've said before that I thought Bush was going to be hard to beat, I'm now thinking Kerry might have found the right formula. Unless and until Bush plays the trump card and cancels democracy.

Posted by Paul in USA Democrat Party Politics at July 30, 2004 04:45 AM | 2 Comments