Riding Giants - Surfer Documentary Film

The Guardian seeks to explain 'how surfer movies got their mojo back' in The new wave. It's talking about a new surf film called Riding Giants which is screening at the Edinburgh film festival on August 21, 24 and 25.

A few days later I call Stacy Peralta, former 1970s skateboarding champion, skateboard entrepreneur and director of Dogtown and Z-Boys, the successful documentary about his days as a member of the groundbreaking Zephyr skate team. His latest documentary, Riding Giants, takes him back to his beginnings as a teenage surfer.

Riding Giants gives us the deep culture and long history of big-wave riding, from its pioneering, semi-outlaw origins in 1950s Hawaii to its present incarnation, known as tow-surfing, on offshore breaks sometimes hundreds of miles from land, where unique conditions produce terrifying swells up to 60ft high.

Posted by Paul in Film Festival Edinburgh at August 13, 2004 09:25 AM