Todd Barry - New York Comic

I emailed a ton of people the other day to see who was up for Todd Barry at the Assembly Rooms tonight. I thought that as the show started at 23:50 and some people like to sleep at night the response might be slight, and it was. By this evening however there were four of us, and none of us regretted the decision. Todd Barry is a great comic (what's the difference between a comic and a comedian?). Very sarcastic. Softly spoken. Good material. Highly amusing. He made a comment about one of our party sitting to my right having a crazy laugh or something, asked her if she was in therapy. Wrong person to ask ;-) She answered, "not currently." Definitely go see this one. The Scotsman gave it * * *, I give it * * * * and a 1/2.

Posted by Paul in Fringe Festival Edinburgh at August 18, 2004 03:11 AM | 1 Comments